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Dang Ming, Li Dandi

INTHE_Shop is a multi-branded home furnishing boutique located in the Xi'an Maike Centre that brings art to life. The two-storey space is designed by Dang Ming of HONG Designworks, integrating simplicity and transparency into the space, using "life" as a medium to create an immersive experience and convey the secret language of art and space.

The category covers the world's top design furniture, lamps, home accessories, in addition, INTHE_ shop continues to independently design and develop a series of products, provide coffee tasting services, make life artistic and interesting, and make more people pay attention to original culture and diversified lifestyle.

The front entrance of the store is built as a simple and elegant rest place, and every friend is welcome to be an integral part of INTHE_, an important part of.

The glass is used as the container of light to create the shining light and shadow effect like the gem surface, and to strengthen the difference between indoor and outdoor space feelings.

As a lifestyle concept store focusing on art design and home aesthetics, INTHE_shop adheres to the exploration spirit of "what happens in a specific field", and from the perspective of designers, brings something more beautiful to Xi'an. Inspire everyone to feel the most intuitively and fill the blank of the “INTHE_” question.

The curve of the green spiral staircase full of vitality echoes the line of the facade. The subtle rotation directivity and the curve sinking radian all imply a kind of curiosity for continuous exploration.

INTHE_ is a space with a sense of design in structure and color. This space can give people different emotional experiences according to the changes of light and tone. This space itself is a language, telling stories about people and their surroundings.

Art is sometimes an abstract spiritual gesture, a subjective feeling. In INTHE_, unlimited imagination and practice can enable the viewer to mobilize all the senses to experience the space and the objects in the space.

INTHE_Shop is the official agent to connect the world's top design and home furnishing brands with the culture of Xi'an, completing a dialogue across time and space.The designer has furnished the INTHE_ with a new look, and the functional interplay of spaces reflects a more ingenious and lively design.

The rich design pieces imply the lifestyle being developed here, encouraging and creating a diversified, innovative, relaxed and comfortable social atmosphere.

INTHE_ EXHIBITION is INTHE_ choosing a direct way to transmit emotions, thoughts and experiences, perceive and be perceived, and unpredictable forces make human nature more three-dimensional.

Mario Tsai's studio has been experimenting with the relationship and reaction of light to different media, and the Slit Light is an experiment in the interaction of light with a narrow slit.

Space is infinite and invisible. As a designer, you may never be able to capture it without defining it, because it is like a boat in a wild ferry. Even if no one exists, you can forget everything and lie down freely.

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