Lau Ming Wai Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong

Kowloon Tong
Ronald Lu & Partners

Four key principles drove RLP’s design solution for Lau Ming Wai Academic Building: 1/ the need to maintain a level green deck across the sloping site; 2/ the activation of circulation spaces; 3/ embedding sustainable design against the backdrop of Lion Rock; and 4/ lifting the ground plane to enhance permeability at street level.

The 12-storey tower is visually divided into two complimentary parts to minimise the impact of its mass and to separate its functions between teaching labs and administrative offices at lower and higher levels. The green deck, known as the “Forest of Intellect”, provides an informal meeting space and a connection between the dormitory and the main campus. A 600-seat lecture theatre and teaching rooms were designed below this deck. By raising the podium above ground level, pedestrians are given a “natural resource” to enjoy.

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