Lim Pizza Store

Parallect Design
Lupo Plaza Pedestrian Street, Huqiu District, Suzhou

Located in the pedestrian street of Lupo Plaza in Huqiu District, Suzhou, the site of this project is a 64m² square-like store, we combine the concept of forward-looking and pragmatic while satisfying the functional attributes, giving the store architectural aesthetics, maximizing the use of space area and increasing the spatial interest, creating an abundant new vitality space for LIM PIZZA.

The project's spatial layout is divided into several large areas, with doors and windows following the legacy of the original store, maximizing its openness to the outside world while fitting the keynote of the space. In the dining area, the irregular curved dining tables are paired with transparent furniture of the same color with different heights to increase the level of space and give diners a richer spatial experience on the basis of use and comfort. The operation area and the ordering area are designed to be integrated to make the interface more integral and coordinated. Because of the need for craft brewing and the exposure of various equipment, we added many metal elements to the overall tone to interpret the combination of pizza and beer drinks.

Why green?

Green tends to give people a series of positive emotions such as freshness, nature, tranquility, youth, relaxation, etc. It is in line with LIM's brand color and the design theme of the space, and the collision of the space with the feeling of pizza through green means the collision of deliciousness and nature, with green as the main color with lighting to make the space have strong expression and tension.

Why is triangle?

Whether it is the pizza packaging or the pizza itself, are inseparable from the triangle, the traditional pizza box because to make large pieces of pizza in the delivery does not deformation, often choose the corrugated cardboard structure of the box to send, that is, many triangular logic of the wave composition. The pizza itself need not be mentioned, a complete round pizza will be cut into a beautiful triangle.

The simple flipped corner of the facade and the triangular volume form of the façade both respond to this language. The folding of the doorway is used as a clue to remind people of a box, a more figurative object, to stimulate people's desire to explore, so that when they enter the space, they will have more exploration and a richer spatial experience. The repeated array of triangles on the façade and the mirrored aluminum panels on the top stretch the space, hoping to isolate the outside world with a strong sense of wrapping so that the users in the space can get more positive emotions.

Why the irregular curve?

We hope to bring people some different experience in this limited and regular space. It breaks the dullness of the space and changes the movement and behavior of people in the space to a certain extent without affecting their use, and with the furniture of different heights, people can have a richer experience in the space. The flow of curves in the space and the turning after touching the edge can also be interpreted as the faint aroma of pizza in the box.

In this fast-paced era, we hope that every customer who enters the store will have a pleasant mood and a different dining experience. While bringing customers a good experience of enjoying food in all aspects, we build an integrated and energetic space and present a unique design concept. In the compact space to maximize the expression of simple and bright style, and reflect the unique modern atmosphere of the new style, is our design needs to explore new issues, we also hope to fit the theme of pizza at the same time, to give the store a new era of youthful vitality.

Project Information
Project name: LIM PIZZA store
Design by: Heisuke Design
Project Design & Year of Completion: 2021.9-12
Design Team: Li Wenjing, Wu Zijun, Chen Lei, Yang Nan
Address: Lupo Plaza Pedestrian Street, Huqiu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
Building area: 64㎡
Company website:
E-mail: [email protected]
Material: Transparent plexiglass, mirror aluminum plate, stainless steel

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