Localand Foods

Da Nan Po
Approach Architecture Studio
Da Nan Po

Localand Foods @ Da Nan Po restaurant is situated below the original village center to the south (Fang Suo Rural @ Da Nan Po) and faces a sunken courtyard. The original structure consisted of a seven-arched stone-built cave dwelling. The new addition includes an entrance foyer, an outdoor stage, and a semi-enclosed, zigzag-shaped dining area arranged around the outdoor stage. The existing cave dwelling was transformed into seven dining rooms, each showcasing local characteristics.
The main challenge in the design was how to address the scale of the outdoor viewing area for the stage and the non-parallel angle relationship between the two-story surrounding buildings. To overcome these challenges successfully, subtle variations in the size and position of the added entrance foyer within the existing sunken courtyard and slight adjustments to the angles of the walls in the two additional buildings proved to be crucial. (Henan, 2020) (Photo: Zhu Rui, Zuo Jing Studio, Approach Architecture Studio)

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