Classic car center Klassikstadt

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Photo © Thomas Eicken
Photo © Thomas Eicken
Photo © Thomas Eicken
Photo © Thomas Eicken
Photo © Thomas Eicken
Photo © Thomas Eicken
Photo © Thomas Eicken
Photo © Thomas Eicken
Photo © Thomas Eicken
Lengfeld & Wilisch Architekten
Orber Straße, 60386, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1-5 Stories
C. Treiber, C. Kelber, M. Knoll, D. Mpaltatzis, C. Fröhlich, H. Sukendar, K. Wilisch
AIT Award 2012, Prize winners category „Umnutzung/Conversion “ Selection

The project ’Klassikstadt‘ converts a heritage protected former factory for agricultural machines in Frankfurt-Fechenheim into a transregional centre for lovers of vintage cars.
The imposing four-story brick building dating back to the year 1910 is situated in an old industrial park and provides spaces for restoration workshops, classic car shows, car boxes for historic vehicles, as well as event and restaurant areas.

The building is accessed via two clearly identifiable main entrances - one located in the south close to the main car park, the other one facing the atrium - which are connected by a large linearly arranged foyer adjoined by the event area, retail spaces, restaurant and workshops on the ground floor.
Via a broad, sculpturesque steel staircase traversing a two-story void, the first floor with the parking spaces for vintage cars and the office area and the second floor with the boxes for historic vehicles and the classic car club area are perfectly integrated into the overall concept and can be accessed smoothly. The third floor hosts storerooms for the workshops and retailers as well as the building services installations.

The main building's heritage protected brick facade was in good condition and did not require major repairs. The historic steel lattice windows were completely refurbished and equipped with insulating glass consisting of 10 000 single panes. Existing glass block elements in the ground floor and the first floor were replaced by new windows without any divisions in order to contrast new components and design elements clearly to the original structure.

It is not only the building's imposing brick facade that impresses the observer, but also its optically pronounced inner support structure with vaulted columns and beams. The restrained use of colours and interior fittings puts the focus on the building's impressive construction thus creating a calm and carefully designed ambience for the exhibited vehicles.

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