Oneswear Shanghai Xintiandi Jewelry Store

Parallect Design
上海新天地, Shanghai

A Dream in the Garden

As the brand's flagship store, the location of the store was chosen in the iconic Xintiandi shopping district in downtown Shanghai. The Shikumen building in Xintiandi retains the façade of the old building, while the interior has been refreshed with a fashionable touch. By building Xintiandi inside the old building and telling the old story with the new look, the brand hopes to combine the fashion pioneer brand temperament with the classic retro, and the design uses a retro-futuristic approach to blend the two organically, the tradition and the future collide to create a cyberpunk spark, igniting this "Dream in the Garden".

Theme: Dreamland

"Love does not know where it arises, but it is deep, the living can die, the dead can live, the love in the dream, why is it not real."
--Tang Xianzu, The Peony Pavilion, inscription

As one of the well-known pieces of The Peony Pavilion, the story of "A Dream in the Garden" is a household name. We have taken the classical imagery of the dream of visiting the garden and the meeting of lovers and mapped it into three sets of installations in the space, translating the typical traditional image into a new artistic image with modern techniques. The overall layout is centered on three sets of art installations, highlighting the theme of the space and the sense of story.

The Guide

The stone lion usually appears as a gatekeeper. In this case, it stands at the entrance of the "courtyard" as the guide of the dream world; at the same time, the pine bonsai tree here refers to the abstract "garden", the combination of which is the beginning of the dream tour of the garden. We deconstructed the traditional heavy stone lion and the light and agile bonsai plants, and retranslated them with futuristic materials and details in a cyberpunk context.

The head is expressed as a patchwork of armor, and the face is a mirror-reflective sphere plated with metal component tubes, inflatable bladders, antennae parts, and other technological "five senses"; the neck collar is replaced with several coils of cables that hang from the brand's unique capsule ring box and extend to the pine branch behind; the body is 3D-printed using a fiberglass The body is 3D printed in its entirety. The green pine branch behind the stone lion is made with LED tubes to create a laser pine branch, combined with the connected cables to create an electric light effect.

The overall mirrored metallic and electrically driven elements are an application of retro-futuristic style, where tradition and the future exist in harmony and with obvious cognitive contrasts, bringing a different and fresh feeling.

The Performer

The female singer in cheongsam and beautiful makeup represents the prosperous and exquisite old Shanghai, while the songs played on old records are the most popular sounds of that era. Combining two contemporary imageries, the installation appears as a retro performer in this garden dream. The singer's babbling voice and the electric musical sound of the old records intertwine to support a wonderful performance.

We extracted the typical images of female singers and old records, and intertwined and separated the human body and the records. The singer appears broken under the cuts of the records, as if she is about to dissipate but still maintains her performance posture, more like an unreal image in a one-time dream. The glossy metallic paint gives the installation a futuristic and technological feel, while the large and small records that cross and protrude around her body are the electronic library of the singer-songwriter, and the vigorous desire for expression in her dream world.

The recorder

Phonograph, record sound and play sound. The traditional image of a gramophone usually has a huge horn-like speaker, we combined its ability to record and play back as an image with the shape of a horn to create a dream recorder device, a silent collection of this incredible excursion.

We twisted and reconstructed the classic image of the horn to form a soft, giant "gramophone", which seems to melt into the light and strange dream world perfectly. The installation is shaped by 3D printing process, the reflective metallic paint surface brings some sense of detachment, and the huge volume exaggerates the imagery, becoming a recorder, silently performing its duty.

The fictional image of the real thing guides, sings and records in the dream, and the lovers of the present world visit together in the intertwined sense of retro and future, completing this Cyber "Dream of a Garden".

The site is located on the second floor of Xintiandi Mall, the first place you see when you come up the escalator, and the whole is L-shaped. The long façade directly faces the corridor and escalator, which is the best display surface, and is smoothly set up as the window and main entrance; the column in the middle of the entrance is wrapped with a circular LED screen, which weakens the partition of the column to the entrance and makes the colorful dynamic advertising images become the visual center. Outside the short façade is the traffic space leading to the logistic direction of the mall. The design reduces the display function, except for the wall enclosing the reception area, the other façade areas are open and connected to the main entrance, enlarging the entrance, introducing the customers' line of sight and movement, and better displaying the interior space and art installations. The store is centered on the art installation, surrounded by functional areas such as display cases and reception desks, highlighting the brand's pioneering temperament and the flagship store's artistic theme.

Space display

From the entrance all the way through the display area, the staggered wall display cases and regular in-wall display cases are like a square lens displaying the gorgeous jewelry.

Inside the L-shaped store, the backdrop of a cascading metal panel in the reception area is a highlight of the interior space. Visually, the upward stacked panels weaken the original local oppression and direct the eyes from the wall to the ceiling and then to the whole store space; in terms of material selection, the mirrored stainless steel reflects the scenery to make the interior space appear open, the use of large metal panels carries the atmosphere of future pioneers, and the folding surface with variable angles The use of large metal plates has a futuristic and pioneering atmosphere, while the folding surface with various angles shreds the original clear and coherent mirror image, creating an exaggerated sense of unreality, which enriches the space scene and also fits the theme of "dream". On the basis of this, the brand logo is made into a frosted sticker attached to the mirror metal, which is an unconventional contrast between glossy and matte surfaces.

The materials of the whole interior space are cold and hard, which is more in line with the futuristic sense of technology and detachment. The gray matte floor paint, faux cement texture wall texture paint, highly reflective mirror stainless steel, pure black ceiling, and shiny display cabinet glass, different materials collide and combine in the contrast of light and dark, dark and light, smooth and rough, and finally harmoniously blend into one. The curved elements are used to soften the cold and hard feeling brought by the large use of metal and gray in the space and installations, and also to bring people closer to the space, making it more intimate to the guests.

Project Name: A Dream in the Garden - ONESWEAR Shanghai Xintiandi Jewelry Store
Designed by: Shanghai Heisuke Architectural Design Office
Project Completion Year: July 2021
Project Manager: Di Huang
Design Team: Xiao Mingfeng, Huang Di, Liu Fengdi, Sun Ying
Location: Xintiandi, Shanghai
Collaborator: Suzhou Recreate Design
Building area: 171㎡

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