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武汉 K11 购物艺术中心店, Wuhan

Recreating a Memory Moment – Oneswear Wuhan K11 Shopping Art Center

Life seems to be a dream in the middle of reality and fantasy, visible and audible, emitting light at the end of memory, that is the moment of memory rewind, the feeling of reinventing oneself. Memory is the source of the story, and each moment in the mind is a time of reconstruction.

By presenting the story behind the diamond jewelry, we create a space full of experience and let the space and the story create a dialogue, so that every customer who enters the space can become the protagonist of the story and find the diamond that belongs to him or her.

K11 Wuhan is located near the intersection of Jiefang Avenue and Wusheng Road. The curved facade of the mall presents a post-modern metallic texture and a sense of art installation. The interior public areas of the mall are made of non-linear sculptural shapes combined with metallic materials. The stores are located in the south side of the atrium in the middle of the mall, the original space is a narrow linear space with a net height of 4m under the ceiling, an opening of 20m, and a depth of 4-10m, the space plane presents a combination of irregular contours, and the overall interface is influenced by structural columns, billboards and doorways.

With the theme of "reinventing the moment of memory" and considering the overall style of the mall's metallic and artistic feel, the project continues the design concept to the store space and interior installations, creating an all-round storytelling experience for customers. The designers wanted to create a new visual space image for the store, meeting the aesthetic needs of customers while shaping a space that could carry a story.

We created a commercial space that combines the functions of communication, exhibition, retail and punch card, responding to multiple needs in a limited space and setting up multiple store punch card points, establishing a complete flow in the space through different meaningful punch card installations to meet the aesthetic and experiential needs of customers, while forming an organization and guidance for customers, so that people can perceive a continuous and changing experience as they move through the space The concept of "Parallelism" is a concept that can be interpreted.

Concept Interpretation - Recreating the memory moment in parallel time and space

For human beings, forgetting has always been the norm, but memory is the exception. In this ever-evolving digital era, the designer narrates and extends the story through four stages: dialogue, trigger, reinvention, and circulation, using space as a container to carry and guide the story and inspire the interrelationship between consumers and space. Here, the unique punch card installation, the dark gray wall, the sparkling jewelry and even the consumers find the most suitable place for themselves. Memories are reshaped, stories are opened, a glance is instant, a thought is eternal.

1. Trigger: Memories across time and space triggered in the mind
Memories across time and space are triggered, parallel time and space, false universe, brainstorming, and countless moments are reshaped in the mind. The branches represent the birth of life, and the light bands and other symbols of the dynamic process of thought explosion. The three olive-shaped installations are in Klein blue, which is reminiscent of the famous undirected space "Klein bottle". The Klein bottle has no inside or outside, its surface will not end, which represents infinite space and symbolizes the infinite and endless love behind the jewelry.

Customers can stand in the middle of the device and take pictures. The outward radiating device symbolizes the explosion of thinking, giving consumers a strong sense of experience and leading them to better participate in the story.

2. Dialogue: with the countless selves in parallel time and space
In front of the mirrored prism, looking at the reflection of countless selves, you fall into the dialogue between parallel time and space and self. Is it a collection of your countless choices that have created a life that is very different but may have a different path? Free space-time and memory intertwine the past, the present, and the future, weaving the past and the future into a suite. The mirrored prisms are arranged sequentially, mirroring the space to amplify the visual senses and at the same time give a visual impact, isolating outside interference and allowing consumers to immerse themselves more purely in the space.

3. Remodeling: interweaving and remodeling of cascading memories
Consciousness is a two-way flow of cascading interweaving, the future and past memories intersect, some fine past may be forgotten moments of remodeling pieced together in the memory. Time is reversed, and the interweaving of ideas brings immersive perception, giving the illusion of falling into a new world, while the new world retains the remains of the old one. The modern TV screen symbolizes the new world of the future, and the figure statues symbolize the old world. The designer uses elements such as light strips, artistic figures sculptures and modern sense TV to weave rich layers. Under the flow of light and shadow, the artistic figure sculpture seems to contain the etching of memories, and the modern screen interprets the undefined future.

The walls and the sales showcase desktop are finished with dark gray stone, and the display cabinets are made of custom metal, creating a coarse-grained yet refined sense of spatial tone that echoes the products.

4. Circulation: the infinite world appears in the eye
The eye-shaped device symbolizes the infinite world in the eyes. For the people in it, the moment of discovering, knowing and reinventing oneself has become eternal. Although people are born alone, somewhere in the infinite world, we are always together.

Inside the black box is an infinite scene reflected by the mirror, and the eye-like metal device is surrounded outside the box, and some key products of the store are placed at the opening of the box, which plays an effect of wrapping the products in the infinite space, and also becomes a visual surprise and memory point in the store, subtly injecting futuristic atmosphere into the space and attracting customers.

Project Name: Reinventing a Moment of Memory - ONESWEAR Wuhan K11 Shopping Art Center
Designed by: Shanghai Heisuke Architecture Design Office
Project Completion Year: May 2021
Design Team: Xiao Mingfeng, Yang Bo, Huang Di, Wang Yitong, Lin Guijiadong
Location: Wuhan K11 Shopping Art Center
Collaborator: Suzhou Recycle Design
Building area: 120㎡
E-mail: [email protected]

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