Osmanthus Spa

Photo © photo: jeremy san
Photo © photo: jeremy san
Photo © photo: jeremy san

This is a renovation of a 1930s semi-detached garden house in the former French Concession of Shanghai. The first storey including the garden and part of the second storey were renovated into a spa. The other half of the second storey and the third storey are still occupied by other families.

Customers walk into the spa through plain black metal gates from the street into a new rich condition. The reception room is to the left and one special garden spa room is to the right. To get to spa rooms in the old building, one walks along the walls around the garden. One can view the relationships between the new rooms, the garden and the existing old house through different perspectives. This orchestrated bodily movement renews the experience of the typical French Concession environment: old and new, this layered with that, here looking at there.

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