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An Keng
Photo © Kyleyu Photo Studio
Photo © Kyleyu Photo Studio
Photo © Kyleyu Photo Studio
Photo © Kyleyu Photo Studio
Aerial Photography
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Lighting Designers
An Keng

This project is for the courtyard of the hotel which is near a park and an ecological zone. Space is mainly used for the wedding ceremony, on the other days, it is used as for a coffee shop that is why our design is to make the lighting image align with the wedding.

Firstly we line-up the upper light in the two sides of the walkway which is located cross over the pool to simulate the runway light at the airport to symbolize as a new chapter of a just-married couple’s live and to make the walkway looks longer at the same time. Besides by using the water light, the shape of the pool is clearer thus the “water” and “land” area could be created to make people feel more layers in the space. In the daytime, it is a modern garden with minimal design, but at the night the “land” area will look like a romantic floating tropical island.

The main space for events is the platform in the courtyard near the hotel lobby, especially for marriage solemnization. Therefore the challenge for this project is “To provide enough light for the activities at night without losing the focus on the overall concept”. However the main building and the external wall were constructed first before we start to design the light, according to it, we installed small floodlight with minimal design on the bottom of the external wall of the platform on the 2nd floor with the track which is made by the same material with the baluster to simulate the interior light from the lobby to make it spreads softly from inside to outside to make the overlook-view with gradient colors. Therefore we could take care of the functional usage of the event light and the overall concept of the hotel aesthetics.

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