Super Design Workshop – Dell Pavilion

Installation interior view
Installation exterior view
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Installation details
Installation details
Gathering people to the centre area
Pedestrian walking through the installation space
The relationship between the human scale and the installation
Parallect Design

The project was invited by the Super life Trend joint exhibition of Guangzhou Design Week, and cooperated with the new designers in the design field to explore and summarize the popular consumption culture of contemporary youth. Collect their life experience and aesthetic taste, and predict the cultural lifestyle and consumption scene of the future Chinese market. At the same time, we cooperated with Dell Small Business, hoping to provide different solutions for different design fields, such as architecture and interior design, graphic design, animation design and game design, concentrating on Dell's core products, so as to present a platform for design creation and work communication of future designers.

As the main product exhibition center of Dell in Guangzhou Design Week, “Super Design Workshop” is a pavilion for dell's product launches, cultural salons and other public functions during the design Week. We hope to overturn the white box space of the traditional exhibition hall, break through the boundaries of space, and create a flowing and free space. The pavilion is inspired by the ancient arch structure, which is stretched, transformed and combined to create a floating curved arch structure. We redefined the possibility of structural form through historical architectural structural elements in a contemporary design approach that combines technology and art, hoping to trigger people to rethink the possibility of connection between "technology and history".

The theme of the pavilion is " Super Design Workshop". The design uses Dell Precision workstations to design the pavilion for the whole cycle, and also uses Rhino Vault plug-in developed by Block Research Group of ETH Zurich. The purpose is to maximize the use of computer-aided design to generate architectural forms, reflecting the theme of super design.

In the design process, dell series products with different hardware and software configurations are used to display the different stages of the pavilion design, including the three stages of conceptual design, project design and construction. This makes the computer fully involved in the process of architectural design, the most efficient to improve the diversity of form, structure and material rationality and construction convenience. It is intended to present the best performance of each product in the design process.

The modeling of Pavilion itself is generated based on the thrust line network analysis method: firstly, the reasonable shape of the thin shell structure in two-dimensional space is obtained by the corresponding relationship between the graph solution and the force diagram solution。 Then the feasible solution is optimized by the linear optimization algorithm combined with the external load value, and finally the three-dimensional space structure of the structure is obtained. It is equivalent to computer-aided design: when determining the scheme, it can not only maximize the efficiency of materials and reduce the cost, but also make the building lighter and more reasonable.

Due to the short three days of guangzhou Design Week, we chose the blue transparent fabric material which can be manually operated as the skin and the round steel tube as the frame. The frame was prefabricated in the factory and then transported to the site to build the membrane skin. In this process, we integrated the design process into the computer software workflow. The process from design to construction is improved comprehensively and the construction of arched curved structure is completed quickly and efficiently. The cleverly customized structure not only embodies the efficient design assistance of Dell computers, but also perfectly presents the creation scene of future designers.

From form generation to modeling and structural system optimization, and then to the on-site construction, the computer is fully involved in every design stage, making the original complex curved arch structure system with the support of modular construction technology have enough feasibility. Supported by computer-aided design, the "Super" pavilion displays the perfect integration of nonlinear structural analysis techniques and architectural form aesthetics.

Next we will explore more new materials and processes suitable for nonlinear design space, and apply them in more public and commercial scenes, pushing the customization technology of curved installation space to richer industrial applications.
"Super Design Workshop" pavilion is the intersection of various people and events during the Design week. We extract structural elements from traditional architecture for innovative design, and redefine the possibility of structural form with a contemporary design approach that integrates technology and art. It tries to present dell's new attitude of constantly creating history as a technology enterprise in the field of technological innovation, and at the same time bring people primitive and modern life experience in the era of cultural collision and integration with the help of technology products. The pavilion also tries to trigger people to rethink the possibility of the connection between "new and old" and "history and technology".

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