Tea Valley 17

Photo © kuu
Photo © kuu
Photo © kuu
Visualization © kuu
Visualization © kuu
Visualization © kuu
2013 (abandoned)

This is a private retreat in a tea plantation with 6 rooms that share a living and kitchen. Spaces are organised with an array of curved brick walls forming a loose maze growing from this topography. You move around and occupy the spaces in between. Walking around here feels like walking in a small village. Now overlapping and curving walls assume the role of houses and the spatial volumes they enclose. They give the illusion of volumes behind what would otherwise be outside spaces, making the entire architecture look more than it really is—a softer fluffier kind of architecture. Gaps between walls encourage a close relationship with the surrounding tea hills and valley outside. Inside and outside merge interrelatedly into a soft fluffy whole.

Shelves and benches are dispersed all over the indoors and outdoors. Things provided and things brought by guests, are to be casually placed on these shelves, instead of things being organised in cupboards. Meandering around the various spaces bounded lightly by rough walls, you experience this small retreat using these Ten Thousand things spread here and there. By merging our ideas for inside and outside or "architecture" and "interior" together, we hope to join these two normally separated categories in the experience of "atmosphere" rather than focus too much on details or building form.

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