The Valley

Superimpose Architecture

Superimpose Architecture proposed an elegant office development design with a powerful massing and landscape gesture inspired by mountain valleys for the Huanglong central district Hangzhou. The gesture of the design is defined by its strategically leaning towers. The top part of the towers are leaning towards the periphery of the site in order to provide more spacing in between the buildings, enhancing the spatial concept of the central 'valley'. Simultaneously more space is provided at the office tower drop-offs, providing a welcoming ground floor situation, and powerful inviting gesture at the main office lobbies.

The interplay of the regular and calm grid façade helps revealing and emphasizing the leaning nature of the towers. Different window depths, corresponding with the amount of solar exposure per window, create an extra layer to the facade with a dabbling effect.

The large 210,000 sqm development is a 'one-of-a-kind' vibrant mixed use project and will surely become an attractor for top-level enterprises. Superimpose proposed to separate the site in two zones with their main characteristics: The urban Periphery and the Green heart. All Towers, Roads, Fire climbing zones, parking entrances and drop-offs are strategically placed at the periphery of the site allowing for a maximized green heart of 10,000 sqm. Between the towers smaller retail units are placed to create a street-retail environment. The landscape of the central heart gently slopes upwards towards the North allowing for retail units underneath, extending the street retail environment without interrupting the landscape gesture. The slope is an extension of the green belt and creates a unique experience for visitor. Centrally located on the green slope, a cultural pavilion forms the hearth of the mixed-use development. The design focuses on being innovative, culturally engaged and sustainable, providing valuable spaces for public use whilst achieving a highly efficient grade A office development.

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