TSE Cashmere Soho

New York, NY, USA
Photo © Mikiko Kikuyama
Photo © Mikiko Kikuyama
Photo © Mikiko Kikuyama
Photo © Mikiko Kikuyama
Photo © Mikiko Kikuyama
Janson Goldstein
New York, NY, USA

This design is based on the juxtaposition of a quintessential Soho loft with new modern, luxurious finishes. This found space is represented by existing brick walls that were sandblasted and left in a natural state, the existing oak floor, which was stripped, bleached, and refinished for the lighter palette, and exposed ductwork and piping that was reorganized to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Highly lacquered wall panels in a soft white finish are “hung” from the walls throughout the store, creating a ribbon effect. The fine lacquer finish contrasts with the found space qualities described above. The panels are fluid with curved corners and edges. Within the panels, there is a pattern of vertical gouged strips that increases and decreases in density as the space enfolds. These strips are curved both in profile and at their ends, further increasing the fluid nature of the wall. The smooth lacquered finish of these panels contrasts and compliments the rich, intricate textures of the cashmere fashion.

The fixture system is made of softly curved, satin stainless steel bars. In some areas, the bars hang from the ceiling allowing the product to “float” above the floor. In other areas, the fixtures are freestanding in front of the wall, “freeing” them from the patterned panels behind, enhancing the fluidity of those panels. This also frees the clothing from the feel of hanging on a “system” and allows flexibility in merchandising the fashion stores of the clothing line. The lightness of the fixtures visually references and brings forward the color and texture of the product.

Further highlighting the rich, unique hues of the cashmere collections, the palette for the store is made up of warm and natural materials.

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