Yancheng Vertical Forest

Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

Sustainable comfort, prefabricated complex forms and a house you can’t see for the trees.

Yancheng lies around 300 km northwest of Shanghai. We have developed a completely new residential area in a growth zone of this prosperous city of 1.7 million inhabitants. The residential complex is state of the art throughout, and aims to be a role model for urban development. In cooperation with our partner CEG Schwarzwald, our concept responds to the specific requirements of the Chinese market. We have created space for a modern lifestyle, which combines the highest levels of comfort with a healthy environment and close proximity to nature. The private residential worlds are embedded within a public area, which serves as a centre for art and culture, and itself aims to become an urban landmark. The future residents of the complex thus become a part of their very own, modern life philosophy.

The architectural concept behind the residential towers was developed by rotating an iconographic storey element. This enabled us to formulate a sophisticated architectural design while attaining an around 80% degree of prefabrication.

CEG Schwarzwald

Project (2016)

Daniel Cano, Gunter Fleitz, Peter Ippolito, Kamil Kaczmarek, Adalbert Kapp, Luca Leardini, Jörg Lonkwitz, Paula Poveda, Robert Pruim, Ziheng Wu

Drees & Sommer AG
Munitec GmbH

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