Featured Project

Henning Larsen

Novo Nordisk Corporate Center

LUO studio

Pergola in Luotuowan Village — Reuse of Wood…

Bao Ding, 2018

Pergola in Luotuowan Village — Reuse of Wood Waste from Renovated Old Village Houses 1. Wood waste remained from demolition and constr...

beyondtime architects

Service Center of Peony Performance Park

Fuzhou, 2019

This design takes the historical script of Peony Pavilion drama as the background, meanwhile, considers the director’s demand for drama a...

hcreates interior design

New Zealand Central

shanghai, 2018

The Client wanted to design a space which delivered an authentic experience, that showcased New Zealand. The space needed to be function...

Atelier TeamMinus

Jianamani Visitor Center

Yushu, 2010

Yushu is a highly regarded religious center to Tibetans. Its significance comes mainly from Jianamani, the world's largest Tibetan Buddhi...


The Living Art Pavilion

Shenzhen, 2018

The Living Art Pavilion, located in Quanzhi Technology Innovation park of Shajing in Shenzhen, is the highlight of the industrial park’s ...


Wharf Ecological Tourism Floor Area at Delta of…

Dongying, 2010

The gesture of architectural intervention to nature is the core discourse of design. The architecture seeks to avoid destroying the natur...


Hangzhou Citizen Center

Hangzhou, 2015

The projectstoodout among 69 international programs and was implemented. Hangzhou Citizen Center is a mega block structure composed of si...


Xinglong Lake Bookstore


Xinglong Lake Bookstore is located at the east side of Xinglong Lake Bay Area, with a rectangle of 12m X 39m as the plane foundation, the...

One Design Inc

Zhelin Community Service Center

Shanghai, 2018

Zhelin Administration and Community Service Center Building is located in Zhelin New Town of Fengxian District in suburb Shanghai. The cu...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Jiading Ethnic Museum Xiangdong Clubhouse

Shanghai, 2012

The project is located in the Feicheng creative industry park in the Jiading district, Shanghai. The original structure was an annex buil...


Hygiene Station for Cattlefield Village School

Lincang, 2017

Cattlefield Village Primary School is in a mountainous region of western Yunnan Province, China. The original school was built in 2010, i...

NODE (Nansha Original DEsign)

Yong-chong River Water Infrastructure

Shenzhen, 2015

Project description Design Period: 2013—2015 Category: Experimental

NODE (Nansha Original DEsign)

Drunken Ink Hall

Chengdu, 2010

Project description Floor Area: 2,922 sqm Building Area: 2,535 sqm Design Period: 2008—2010

One Design Inc

Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Center Lake Park Facilities

Ningbo Hangzhou Bay, 2015

A universal formal language is set to deal with park facilities of varied sizes and functions. It consists a basic module system of 3 met...

Jiakun Architects

West Village

Chengdu, 2015

West Village is a maxi-courtyard that adopts an atypical design when compared to other commercial complexes in that its centrifugal layou...

KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten

Meixi Urban Helix

Changsha, 2017

The concept masterfully highlights the start of the new urban axis on Lake Meixi in the southwest of Changsha and creates a multi-functio...

Weber Hofer Partner Architekten

Council Building City Civic Center Taichung

Taichung, 2013

Weber Hofer Partner Architekten

Government Building City Civic Center Taichung

Taichung, 2012

Praxis d'Architecture

Youth Career Center

Beijing, 2011

Songzhuang, a district east of Beijing, is undergoing dramatic transformation from a painter’s village to a creative industry clust...


Ningbo Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Ningbo, 2019

Shortly after the successful collaboration for the German Pavilion at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the two practices playze and Schmidhuber...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Xiqu Centre

West Kowloon, 2018

Bing Thom Architects + Ronald Lu & Partners work with the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority to design and deliver a world-clas...


10 DESIGN | The Fujian Professional Photonic…


10 DESIGN successfully provided a master plan for a new 524,000 sqm Fujian Professional Photonic Technical College and led the architectu...


Tongxian Gate House

Beijing, 2003

Thirty miles from Beijing, a community of over 200 Chinese artists of international recognition lacked a public institution or space that...


Hangzhou Civic Center and Civic Park

Hangzhou, 2012

Set against the idyllic water-dominated backdrop of scenery around Huangguuo Shan, the “Lotus Civic Center and Civic Park” wi...

Zephyr Architects

New Energy Campus Reception Center

Wuhan, 2013

The reception center was conceived as a main landmark for Guanggu New Energy campus.  It serves as the preeminent arrival point...

Scenic Architecture

Community Pavilion at Jintao Village


Jintao is one of the village units of Dayu village in Malu, Jiading. The village is surrounded by rivers and bamboos. The ...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

Shanghai Fudan University Zhang Jiang High-Tech…

Shanghai, 2005

Fudan University in Shanghai has a long tradition as an elite institution teaching natural sciences and technology. Founded in 1905, it n...

HHF architects


Jinhua, 2006

The "Jinhua Architecture Park" is an important part of the urban redevelopment of the city's new Jinhua district. The park landscape is d...

DnA Design and Architecture

Changbaishan 3 Public Activity Centers

Changbaishan, 2010

Changbaishan is a mountain that’s running across three provinces in northeast China, also forms a natural boundary between China and Nort...

Atelier Zhouling

Commercial and service centre of Southeast…

Nanjing, 2006

The site is located on the south of the new campus of Southeast University, a famous university in China. The building is a hybrid of com...

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