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Barozzi / Veiga

Graubünden Museum of Fine Arts

Interval Architects

Museum for aquatic plants


OPEN Architecture

UCCA Dune Art Museum

Qinhuangdao, 2018

After more than three years of extraordinary effort, OPEN’s UCCA Dune Art Museum has at last been completed, opening to the public with i...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

No.18 Guan Shu Yuan Hutong

Beijing, 2010

The project calls for the renovation of a small courtyard house in Guan Shu Yuan Hutong, Beijing, which is located between the famed Yong...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Digital Beijing

Beijing, 2007

Beijing Municipal Government has promised to the world that Beijing will present an Olympics which has the highest technological content ...

Studio Zhu-Pei

"Cube" Art Museum

Beijing, 2016

The project is located in the 798 Art District. The reconstruction of the project consists of three sloping roofed brick houses (previous...

Rocco Design Architects Limited

Yunnan Provincial Museum

Kunming, 2015

The generative concept of the museum is derived from the potent imagery of Yunnan’s famed local "stone forests", the dramatic geography o...

Studio Link-Arc

CVIC Gallery

Guiyang, 2014

Located at the center of dense residential development in southern China, the first design gesture for the Guiyang Membership was not to ...

Studio Link-Arc

CRLand Archive Library

Shenzhen, 2018

RETURN OF THE HORIZON Echoing the topography, the architecture has a fortress-like appearance, with few windows and an austere stepped m...


Zhao Hua Xi Shi Living Museum

Beijing, 2017

2017WAF AWARDS The Zhao Hua Xi Shi Living Museum has a modular container as the main body of its structure, which incorporates exhibitio...

a•g Licht

Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning…

Shenzhen, 2016


Deji Plaza, Nanjing

Nanjing, 2017

PHILIPP MAINZER OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN completes the interior design of Deji Art Museum, located on two levels of the upscale...

Studio Zhu-Pei

OCT Design Museum

Shenzhen, 2012

The inspiration for the project comes from the context of the bay and from the desire for a surreal exhibition space. The OCT design muse...

Atelier Deshaus

Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum

Taizhou, 2015-2017

Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum is situated inside the Shamen Grain Depot Cultural and Creative Park with unique historical context. Taki...

Vector Architects

M Woods Entrance Revitalization

Beijing, 2016

M Woods Entrance Revitalization is an urban renewal project in 798 Art Zone, Beijing. The site was originally an abandoned industrial war...

Vector Architects

Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum


Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum is located at east part of the Suzhou Horticultural Exposition Park, in a reserved village nea...

Atelier Deshaus

Long Museum West Bund

Shanghai, 2014

Long Museum West Bund is located at the bank of Huangpu River, Xuhui District, Shanghai Municipality, the site of which was used as the w...

Atelier Deshaus

Spiral Gallery I

Shanghai, 2011

The site locates in outskirts of Shanghai. At the beginning of project, the surrounding context was nearly deserted. Several high-rises a...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum

Jingdezhen, 2016

The most important Chinese porcelain manufactures of the last thousand years are located in the city of Jingdezhen. The surrounding regio...

OPEN Architecture

Dialogue by the Sea

Qinhuangdao, 2018

On a quiet stretch of beach along the coast of Bohai Bay in northern China, OPEN designed two art spaces: one hidden in the sand dunes, l...

Jiakun Architects

Suzhou Imperial Kiln Ruins Park & Museum of…

Suzhou, 2017

Suzhou Imperial Kiln Ruins Park & Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick is located in Xiangcheng District in Suzhou, which is mainly for prot...

Jiakun Architects

Hu Huishan Memorial

Chengdu, 2009

The memorial hall is built in memory of Hu Huishan. Hu Huishan, a female student of Dujiangyan High School, was born in 1993 and died in ...

Julien Lanoo

MOCAPE  by Coop Himmelb(l)au 

Shenzhen, 2016

MOCAPE is the new Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition in Shenzhen designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au. The building gives a se...


New Venue Of Yichang Archive

Yichang, 2016


10 DESIGN | Museum Of Art Design Competition


Museum of Art is located at the waterfront of Zhuhai, overviewing Macao and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge at a prominent location. The aim ...

LWPAC - Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture

Kang Quan

Beijing, China, 2003

The Kang Quan Pavilion, located in Beijing China, was designed as a multipurpose community facility. Its initial function was as a sales ...

OPEN Architecture

Pudong Art Museum

Shanghai, 2016

The Pudong model of new urban development has had a significant impact on the rapid urbanization of China in the past 20 years, adopted a...

Studio Link-Arc

Shenzhen Bay Gallery

Shenzhen, 2016

This building, a private clubhouse and gallery for high-end residential development in the Shenzhen Bay area, is conceived as a compositi...

Schmidt Hammer Lassen

The Cloud Pavilion

Shanghai, 2016

As part of the regeneration and development of the West Bund area in Shanghai, Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen have completed a p...


Heavenly WaterService Center of International…

Qingdao, 2014

The International Horticultural Exposition 2014 opened in Qingdao on April 25th; the service center “Earthy Pond”, is...


Earthly PondService Center of International…

Qingdao, 2014

The International Horticultural Exposition 2014 opened in Qingdao on April 25th; the service center “Earthy Pond”, is...

Office for Visual Interaction

Taiwan National Marine Ecological Museum (NMEM)

Keelung City

Through the strategic use of different materials and lighting effects on the façade of the National Marine Ecological Museum in Ta...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

China Academy of Arts’ Folk Art Museum

Hangzhou, 2015

The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing and China Academy of Art in Hangzhou serve a central role in the field of art educatio...

Praxis d'Architecture

Spring Art Museum

Beijing, 2015

Our clients for this project are from local who believe in contemporary art, and intended the museum to be a platform to promote ...

Vector Architects

Hybrid Courtyard Living

Beijing, 2016

In Baitasi No. 22 courtyard house renovation project, we explore the relationship of old and new in two subjects:   Firstly, the con...


Conceptual Planning Of Comprehensive…

Guangzhou, 2014


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