Parallect Design

Qiyuan:Scenery · Plains · Windows

Hangzhou, 2022

Qiyuan, as the name suggests, is a small courtyard between mountains and rivers. The project designed by Shanghai Parallect Architecture ...

TANZO Space Design

Guan Zi Zai House

Haidian District, Beijing, 2021

Wang Daquan, Tanzo Space Design: Guan Zi Zai·Suburb House|Modernized Tradition Series "When Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva was practicing...

WAU Design

Canton House

Wuchuan, 2022

The project is located in the village of Wuyang Town in western Guangdong. The owners are the parents of the architect. They hope to buil...

Parallect Design


Nanjing, 2019

The project is located in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, about 11.7 kilometers from the center ofJiangningDistrict, ...

Parallect Design

Pine House

Wuxi, 2019

Songlou is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China's Tao Capital: Yixing. The surrounding natural environment is very superior. It ...




Residential interior project completed in Taipei. Type of Project: Interior Use: Residence Period: Aug 2018 – Sep 2019 Floor Area:...

Studio 10

Vista House - Remodeling of a Private Residence

Shenzhen, 2020

In the summer of 2018, we accepted the commission to remodel the house in the suburb of Shenzhen for a private client, who wishes to add ...

Vermilion Zhou Design

Luneng Grasse Vila

Beijing, 2018

The accumulation of life forms into Culture. According to progress of science and technology, exchanges between the East and the West are...

Atelier Heimat

Ban(半) House

Weinan, 2013

Brick and wood structure buildings, which exist in large numbers in rural areas, have obvious deficiencies in seismic capacity, lighting,...

United Practice Architects | UPA

The Hillside House

Tianjin, 2020

The project, which was a detached farmhouse, is located in Jizhou District, Tianjin. The client advocates the spiritual realm of Tao Yuan...


MA House

Quzhou, 2020

If the house is an object, it needs to be used for more than a century. If the house is a work of art, it is the closest to everyday life...

Atelier Right Hub

The Patio House

Ningbo, 2020

Atelier Right Hub recently completed a 350 square-meter private residence in a high-end villa community in Ningbo. The client’s mandate w...

Interval Architects

House G

Shanghai, 2019

Amid the intense commercial development of China’s countryside, House G is an atypical mode of rural intervention. Rather than serving i...


House L

Changchun, 2019

A property bought by our client, seated in a silent and elegant townhouse neighborhood in Jingyue District of Changchun City, is going to...


Boundary House

Luohe, 2019

Primer Going back to three years ago, the day when I thought of "Boundary House". I met Sun Zhaoyang in the winter evening of 2016. D...

Atelier Right Hub

Mymory Boutique Hotel

Hangzhou, 2019

MYMORY boutique hotel in a rural old house is located in the foothill of Tianmu mountain scenic spot in Taihuyuan, Lin’an, Hangzhou. Surr...


Courtyard Villa

Tangshan, 2019

Courtyard Villa The project is situated on a flat site in the suburbs, which is surrounded by orchards, farmland and rivers, boasting be...

Interval Architects

Winery Villa


This Winery Villa is a proposal for a case in Gaotai County in Gansu Province. The entire villa is formed by a tortuous corridor. Wine ba...

Tao Lei (Beijing) Architecture Designing Corporation

The House of Tao Lei

Beijing, 2017

The House of the Architect It is an intervention project of a detached house. This house is located in a residential area which is fille...

Atelier Right Hub

Wu Residence

Hengdian, 2018

Atelier RIGHT HUB initiated the project by questioning the fundamentals of the “house” typology itself, asking themselves: How can we fre...

People's Architecture Office

Mrs. Fan’s Plugin House

Beijing, 2013

Mrs. Fan is from a traditional Chinese family. Newlyweds like her are expected to purchase a car and move into a new house in the suburbs...

Ida&Billy Architects

Bridged House


The Bridged-House design links two existing houses of different ages and styles as one, spatially, aesthetically and spiritually, while k...

AZL Atelier Zhanglei

LEI House

Hangzhou, 2017

The Eshan Practice has been experiencing its fifth year since 2013, House Lei is the one with the longest construction. Located in Shanyi...

behet bondzio lin architekten GmbH & Co. KG

Wohnhaus Flora

Taichung, 2010

Wohnhaus: Eingang, Foyer, Wohnzimmer, Küche, Esszimmer, Billiardraum, Meditationsraum, Arbeitszimmer, Gäste-WC, Schlafzimmer mit Bad, 3 S...


China House Vision

Beijing, 2018

Technology continues to change the way we live, work, and move, yet the building sector remains largely stagnant. Your Home: Infinite Liv...

AZL Atelier Zhanglei

CIPEA No.4 House

Nanjing, 2012

Situated in Laoshan Forest to the west of central Nanjing city, China International Practical Exhibition of Architecture (CIPEA) began in...

Vector Architects

Renovation of the Captain's House

Fuzhou, 2017

Captain’s House locates on the southeast end of Huangqi Peninsula, Fujian Province. The damp and erosive nature of seaside caused the uns...

Think Evolution Architecture

3D Home

Hong Kong, 2015

We turned this typical tiny flat in Hong Kong into a studio for a couple. The partition walls are demolished to increase floor space. Th...

Think Evolution Architecture

Z House

Zhongshan, 2015

We wanted to prove good simple design with nature in mind is possible even with limited space and small budget. This is a three-storey bu...


Shaoxing Guesthouse

Shaoxing, 2008

The renovation of a historic courtyard building next to the house and garden of the famous writer Lu Xun was perceived as a special chall...


9 Jiantang Courtyard Villa

Shanghai, 2012

Jiujiantang is one of the most coveted villa compounds in central Shanghai. Playze has been commissioned to renovate and extend one of th...


Fairyland Guorui

Beijing, 2015

The Fairyland Guorui Villa complex is located in the Miyun Economic & Technical Development Zone 1 in Beijing. The site is situated o...

Atelier DYJG

Exploring a Condensed Natural History——Hangzhou…

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 2010

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Client: Hangzhou Parks and Cultural Relics Bureau Area: 19.8hm2 Competition: F...

Atelier DYJG

Green Link between City and Taihu Lake ——Wuxi…

Wuxi, Jiangsu Province , 2011

Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu Province Client: Wuxi Taihu Lake New Town Administration Committee Area: 210hm2 Competition:...

Atelier DYJG

Facing the sea ——Xiamen Bay Park

Xiamen, Fujian Province , 2006

Location: Xiamen, Fujian Province Client: Xiamen Landscape Architecture Bureau Area: 20hm2 Design and Completion: 20...

Interval Architects

Yurt Villa


This Yurt Villa is a proposal for a case in Zhangye County in Gansu Province. Since the occupants are Mongolian Yugur, in order to make t...

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