SAKO Architects


Beijing, 2009

Interior design for a Szechuan restaurant occupying one floor of a high-rise building, consisting of 10 closed "private rooms" and 23 gen...

Parallect Design

Houbu Ancient Village Post Station

Suzhou Industrial Park, 2023

The project is located on the second floor of the stagecoach station at the entrance to the ancient village of Houbu on Xishan Island, Ta...

Parallect Design

Mountopia Tea Cofe

Yuyao City, 2023

Siming Mountain is located in Siming Mountain Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. It has the magnificent momentum of Longhu Moun...

Kitzig Design Studios GmbH & Co. KG

La Vie by Thomas Bühner

Taipeh, 2023

Taipei – its mountains, rivers, sea and forests inspire the cuisine of 3-star chef Thomas Bühner. Personal experience and European cookin...

Approach Architecture Studio

Localand Foods

Da Nan Po, 2020

Localand Foods @ Da Nan Po restaurant is situated below the original village center to the south (Fang Suo Rural @ Da Nan Po) and faces a...

Parallect Design

Coffee Education and Training Workshop in the…

Suzhou Industrial Park, 2023

Designer: Parallect Design Project Design & Accomplish Date: 2023.1 Design Team: Wenjing Li, Nan Yang, Ying Zhang, Xiangpeng Kong Pro...


Outdoor Space Renovation at The Sukhothai…


The brand name of Sukhothai Hotel is derived from the first independent dynasty in Thailand’s history – Sukhotai, which means “the dawn o...

HDC Design – Hum­ming­bird De­sign Con­sul­tant

Ministry Of Crab Restaurant Lounge

Wuhou District Chengdu, 2022

The Twin Towers on Jiaozi Avenue in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, have become one of the most popular landmarks in the last two years. Situa...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Wan Wea Restaurant

Chengdu, 2022

"The bold and progressive dining environment will undoubtedly quickly attract the trend-setting consumers in the city. More importantly, ...

Parallect Design

Deep Sea Café

Kunming, 2018

The project is located in Binjiang Junyuan area, Zhangguanying Road, Panlong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Binjiang Junyuan is...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Xuji Seafood Restaurant Mixc World

Xi'an, 2022

With 22 years’ prosperous history, Xuji Seafood has been characterized by live seafood to broke through the weak era of Chinese catering ...

Parallect Design

Baimajian Recreation Bar

Suzhou, 2022

Baimajian Lounge is located in Suzhou Baimajian Longchi Scenic Area. The scenic area covers an area of 7 square kilometers, and is the ec...

Parallect Design

Lim Pizza Store

Suzhou, 2021

Located in the pedestrian street of Lupo Plaza in Huqiu District, Suzhou, the site of this project is a 64m² square-like store, we combin...

hcreates interior design

Zodiac - Shanghai Shankangli

Shanghai, 2021

Shanghai’s Jing An District has a new moody and atmospheric cocktail bar centred around signs of the zodiac. The space was previously a s...

hcreates interior design

Luneurs - Entourage

Shanghai, 2021

Nestled amongst the trees of South Wulumuqi Lu, the collection of Heritage buildings has been home to several things over the past 100 ye...


Seesaw Coffee

Shanghai, 2019

Seesaw coffee is a chinese franchise store that has started in Shanghai. A new store was to be designed on the 3rd floor of a shopping ...

HDC Design – Hum­ming­bird De­sign Con­sul­tant


ChengDu, 2020

Contemporary China is gradually rediscovering and zooming into the culture of oriental aesthetics, as the external interpretations are be...

HDC Design – Hum­ming­bird De­sign Con­sul­tant


ChengDu, 2021

The night of Chengdu Erma is a Sichuan dialect, which means being slightly drunk. It is the perfect name for the pub, revealing a mixed ...

Atelier d'More

Spring Grill Bar

Shanghai, 2019

Spring grill bar is located in Green Milan square of Shanghai Yangpu district, a large area of glass Windows, showing the white and pure ...

hcreates interior design

Lounge by Topgolf [Shanghai]

Shanghai, 2021

Topgolf is one of the world’s leading sports entertainment companies, famous for its fun and engaging venues combining active entertainme...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

HONG 0871 Yunnan Cuisine Restaurant

Shanghai, 2020

HONG 0871, the exquisite Yunnan cuisine restaurant was opened in Wusong Road, Shanghai, China. Designed by Wei Wu, the Design Director of...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Xiao Xiang Fu (Zhongguancun No. 1 Restaurant)

Beijing, 2020

“Sleeping upstairs in diaojiao house for a night, one will have romantic dreams for ten years.” Whether it is in Western or Southern Hun...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Huda Restaurant Main Store in Beijing

Beijing, 2020

The famous Beijing restaurant “grown up” from Guijie - The catering strategy trilogy of Huda restaurants In 2020, under the cooperation ...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Siji Minfu Restaurant in Maliandao

Beijing, 2021

In 1981, the original building of Siji Minfu Restaurant (Maliandao) was built at the northwest intersection of Honglian Road and Malianda...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant in Hujialou

Beijing, 2021

How rippling the sea is, where the mountain island stands upright. The mountain is overgrown with trees and lush grasses. So lucky to get...

IN•X Design Co. Ltd.

Wan Wea Restaurant in Shimao Plaza Chengdu

Chengdu, 2021

Chengdu, a large city shrouded in smoky mist, is well known for the bustling restaurants by the People's Lake, the verdant trees in the p...

Parallect Design

Cabin Fairy Town: Island, Jungle, Cabin

Jiujiang, 2021

The Wooden Cabin Town is located on an island in the West Sea of Lushan, southwest of Jiujiang, Jiangxi. It was designed by Shanghai Para...

Parallect Design


Nanjing, 2019

The project is located in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, about 11.7 kilometers from the center ofJiangningDistrict, ...

Parallect Design

Kalakal Tibetan Cuisine and Culture Center

Shangri-La City, 2020

In the northwestern part of Yunnan Province, in the Hengduan Mountains, there is a mysterious and tranquil place called "Shangri-La". Thi...

Parallect Design

Suzhou Bay Sports Park supporting building…

Suzhou, 2021

In the context of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the life of the new districts of Suzhou is differentiated by different indu...

Golucci Interior Architects

Yijian Cafe Shanghai

Shanghai, 2021

Think of an easy thing, then find different ways to approach the simplicity. Use the limited space to accommodate the complex emotions of...

Golucci Interior Architects

Multifunctional hall & restaurant space at…

Beijing, 2021

In 1999, French architect Paul Andreu completed his classic design of the National Centre for the performing arts. In 2007, the National ...

Various Associates

Man Chao Hui

Shenzhen, 2021

Man Chao Hui by Various Associates | A Modern Luxury Catering Space in an Oriental Context. Seclusion | Man Chao Hui is a top-notch res...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Yangliping Performing Arts Center

Dali, 2020

Situated between the Cang mountain chain, rising 4,000 meters in height, and 40 kilometer-long Lake Erhai, the city of Dali was a signifi...

Studio Link-Arc

Banu Restaurant

Zhengzhou Shi, 2019

The Banu Restaurant design project includes the replacement of the interiors and façade of a 2,100-m2 building in Zhengzhou China. As the...



Hong Kong, 2020

Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2021 PENCILLIN is Hong Kong’s first closed-loop sustainable concept bar that pushes the boundaries of cu...

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