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Barozzi / Veiga

Graubünden Museum of Fine Arts

Atelier Deshaus

Plot D, The R&D and innovative port of Anting…

Shanghai, 2009-2015

The R&D and innovative port of Anting International Automobile City, which is situated northwest to the suburb of Shanghai, is a proj...

Atelier Deshaus

Atelier Deshaus Westbund

Shanghai, 2015

The office of Atelier Deshaus is located in the former site of Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Works, among a group of small pitch roof w...

Vector Architects

Renovation of the Captain's House

Fuzhou, 2017

Captain’s House locates on the southeast end of Huangqi Peninsula, Fujian Province. The damp and erosive nature of seaside caused the uns...

Vector Architects

M Woods Entrance Revitalization

Beijing, 2016

M Woods Entrance Revitalization is an urban renewal project in 798 Art Zone, Beijing. The site was originally an abandoned industrial war...

Atelier Deshaus

Qingpu Youth Center

Shanghai, 2012

Qingpu Youth Center is located in eastern new town of Qingpu. Compared with the old town, the new town of Qingpu hugs a larger scale with...

Vector Architects

Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum


Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum is located at east part of the Suzhou Horticultural Exposition Park, in a reserved village nea...

Atelier Deshaus

Long Museum West Bund

Shanghai, 2014

Long Museum West Bund is located at the bank of Huangpu River, Xuhui District, Shanghai Municipality, the site of which was used as the w...

Vector Architects

Seashore Chapel

Beidaihe New District, 2015

We imagine the Seashore Chapel as an old boat drifting on the ocean long time ago. The ocean receded through time and left an empty struc...

Atelier Deshaus

Spiral Gallery I

Shanghai, 2011

The site locates in outskirts of Shanghai. At the beginning of project, the surrounding context was nearly deserted. Several high-rises a...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Yi Garden II,Quanzhou National Park Installation

Quanzhou, 2015

1. the use of uselessness The use of uselessness is a traditional concept of Chinese philosophy, which means to attach new content and me...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Shijingshan Cultural Center

Beijing, 2015

The Shijingshan district is located between Beijing city centre and the Western Hills, beyond the fifth ring road. The surrounding urban ...

Gabellini Sheppard Associates LLP

1436 Flagship Store


Located within Manhattan's landmark SoHo district, the Vera Wang boutique reflects and extends the designer's sensibility of elegant, per...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum

Jingdezhen, 2016

The most important Chinese porcelain manufactures of the last thousand years are located in the city of Jingdezhen. The surrounding regio...

Lagranja Design

Hotel Madera Signature Suites

Hong Kong , 2012

Our first project in Asia. The top four floors of a new build hotel in Kowloon, a district in Hong Kong and probably the place with the h...

Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

Yancheng – Urban Mountain

Yancheng, 2016

Sustainable comfort, prefabricated modules and a new urban mountain scape. Yancheng is one of the fastest growing tertiary cities in C...

Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

Yancheng Vertical Forest

Yancheng, 2016

Sustainable comfort, prefabricated complex forms and a house you can’t see for the trees. Yancheng lies around 300 km northwest of Sha...

OPEN Architecture

Dialogue by the Sea

Qinhuangdao, 2018

On a quiet stretch of beach along the coast of Bohai Bay in northern China, OPEN designed two art spaces: one hidden in the sand dunes, l...

Jiakun Architects

Suzhou Imperial Kiln Ruins Park & Museum of…

Suzhou, 2017

Suzhou Imperial Kiln Ruins Park & Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick is located in Xiangcheng District in Suzhou, which is mainly for prot...

Jiakun Architects

Hu Huishan Memorial

Chengdu, 2009

The memorial hall is built in memory of Hu Huishan. Hu Huishan, a female student of Dujiangyan High School, was born in 1993 and died in ...

Jiakun Architects

Novartis Shanghai Campus - Block C6

Shanghai, 2016

Each building in Novartis Shanghai campus is designed by the architects from different countries. It is expected that with different pers...

Jiakun Architects

West Village

Chengdu, 2015

West Village is a maxi-courtyard that adopts an atypical design when compared to other commercial complexes in that its centrifugal layou...

W2 Architects

Nanjing Youth Palace

Nanjing, 2017-2019

Located at the heart of Nanjing downtown, the project was commissioned to express the contemporary image of Nanjing City. As a core part ...

Hashimoto Yukio Design Studio Inc.


Taipei, 2017


Stage of Forest

Jilin, 2016

The ski resort at Lake Songhua in the Jilin Province of northeast China attracts skiers and winter sports enthusiasts. Its slopes are ope...

1moku co.

Shanghai Grand Theater

Shanghai, 2009

Art Deco rooftop garden project The Shanghai Grand Theatre was built in 1928 as the first movie theater in the East side of the world. W...


Lane 189

Shanghai, 2016

Lane 189, located in the Putuo district in central Shanghai - opposite Chang Shou Park and close to the Jade Buddha Temple - is designed ...

Lagranja Design

Madera Service Apartments

Hong Kong, 2016

The Madera Service Apartments has been the latest achievement of Lagranja Design in Hong Kong. Consisting of the rehabilitation of a 29 f...

Garbarino Rusin Architects

Business Center - Masterplan

Foshan - Dong Ping, Guangdong, 2012

Competition Project - Garbarino Rusin Architects + OWP Architects Beijing

Environmental Planning Studio

Dooshion E Park SOHO Project

Beijing, 2017

[design concept] under construction [credits] architect: Ken Hashimoto/EPS Miki Takayama Yasuaki Okada/ Yas Architects ...

KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten

Meixi Urban Helix

Changsha, 2017

Das Konzept inszeniert den Anfangspunkt der neuen Stadtachse am Meixi See im Südwesten Changshas und schafft einen multifunktionalen, öff...

Weber Hofer Partner Architekten

Council Building City Civic Center Taichung

Taichung, 2013

Weber Hofer Partner Architekten

Government Building City Civic Center Taichung

Taichung, 2012



Shenzhen, 2015

A tea house awash with apentagonal pattern that defies the grid of the surrounding buildings, simulating a winding journey through tea fi...


Kids Design Week 751 D Park Event and…

Beijing, 2016

A, larger than life ribbon took children and adults alike on a fun and adventurous journey in the first Kids Design Week Beijing exhibiti...


Caochang Hutong Courtyard Houses, Renovation…

Beijing, 2016

Two courtyards upgraded in a program led by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD)to improve the living quality of everyday lif...


BMW Museum

Beijing, 2016

An exclusive backdrop designed to represent the speed and luxury of the car, this BMW museum becomes a stage for a vintage collection gua...

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