NIO House

Shanghai, 2023

A new exclusive experience for NIO users traveling around the world – The core appeal of electric vehicle manufacturer NIO lies in its pr...

Parallect Design

Renovation of Suzhou Shengze Tanqiu Silk…

Suzhou, 2023

Social Background: Suzhou Shengze's silk production and trade have a long history. The history of mulberry planting, sericulture, silk r...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Zijing International Conference Camp

Jingdezhen, 2022

Zijing International Conference Camp is located in the mountains and ravines on the west side of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi. The site was origin...

CU Office

Organic renewal of Tianqiao tenement courtyards

Tianqiao, 2023

Urban context The Tianqiao Bungalow Zone is located in Beijing’s historical city preservation district, and is adjacent to the central a...

10 Design

10 Design Creates World’s Largest Indoor Ski…


International Architecture Firm Behind Huafa Snow World Offers First Look at how Upcoming 131-Hectare Entertainment Destination Will Supp...

Greater Dog Architects

「BRLOOTE Headquarters」Multi Utilization of…

Shaoxing City, 2024

“The architecture we are trying to create is integrated with the environment, featuring sharp forms that emerge within the existing cont...

Atelier Right Hub

Alaker SPA House

Xi'an, 2023

Wellness-oriented spaces have become more than just places for pampering and relaxing during the global pandemic. The value of feeling sa...

UP Architecture | UPA

Suizhou Baimei Station

Suizhou, 2023

Located in Luoyang Town, Zengdu District, Suizhou City, the Millennium Ginkgo Valley is one of the most densely distributed, largest and ...

Parallect Design

Mottled Pink · ONESWEAR Jewelry Store

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 2023

ONESWEAR is a romantic jewelry brand founded by 65 designers. The founder hopes that their designs will only serve the 10% minority who a...


Kaohsiung Social Housing

Kaohsiung , 2023

In a groundbreaking initiative, Mecanoo, introduces a innovative social housing project in Kaohsiung, marking a significant milestone as ...

Parallect Design

Houbu Ancient Village Post Station

Suzhou Industrial Park, 2023

The project is located on the second floor of the stagecoach station at the entrance to the ancient village of Houbu on Xishan Island, Ta...

Parallect Design

Mountopia Tea Cofe

Yuyao City, 2023

Siming Mountain is located in Siming Mountain Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. It has the magnificent momentum of Longhu Moun...


Beijing Poly Plaza

Beijing, 2023

Adapting a pair of closed-off, outdated commercial buildings to resonate with a new era, Kokaistudios breathes life and light into a chal...

Atelier d'More

Sleeping Lab · Arch

Huangmuchang Village, 2022

The project is located in Huangmuchang Village on the outskirts of Beijing. It is a two-story brick-concrete building, originally used as...

Atelier d'More

Womb Baking Studio

Zheijang, 2021

Atelier d’More was commissioned by Womb Baking studio to design a space for women that incorporates baking and parenting activities. Foun...

Atelier d'More

Bosuer Study Room

Shanghai, 2021

Atelier d’More was commissioned to design a self-study room for Bosuer as its first store opening in Shanghai, hoping to create a soft ha...

Atelier d'More

Minimalist Fairytale Hotel

Shanghai, 2020

The project is located in a village near Disney in Pudong, Shanghai. The client commissioned Atelier d’More to transform a rural resident...

Kitzig Design Studios GmbH & Co. KG

La Vie by Thomas Bühner

Taipeh, 2023

Taipei – its mountains, rivers, sea and forests inspire the cuisine of 3-star chef Thomas Bühner. Personal experience and European cookin...

Greater Dog Architects

Renovation of 5X7

Shaoxing city, 2023

“The greenest building is one that is already built.” —— Carl Elefante ADAPTIVE REUSE Recognize the value of all buildings, even when...

INCLS (One Design)

Zhelin Community Center

Fengxian, 2023

The project is situated in Zhelin New Town of Fengxian District, Shanghai. The overall layout follows a spatial strategy made also by INC...

Parallect Design

Renovation of Changshaling Primary School

Chashan Town, 2023

Changsha Ridge Primary School is located in Changsha Ridge, Chashan Town, Liling City, Hunan Province. There are two main school building...

Approach Architecture Studio

M-Stand Cafe

Xi'an, 2021

A small independent structure located at the South Square of Xi’an Glorious Plaza was originally designed as two adjacent and separate un...

Approach Architecture Studio

Fang Suo Rural

Da Nan Po, 2020

Fang Suo Rural @ Da Nan Po is a renovation of a single-story house situated to the south of the original Da Nan Po Village Center buildin...

Approach Architecture Studio

Localand Foods

Da Nan Po, 2020

Localand Foods @ Da Nan Po restaurant is situated below the original village center to the south (Fang Suo Rural @ Da Nan Po) and faces a...

Approach Architecture Studio

Village Center Redevelopment in Dananpo

Dananpo, 2020

This is a project to transform the abandoned Da Nan Po Village Center building complex, which has been unused for many years. The transfo...

Approach Architecture Studio

Tea House at Dananpo

Dananpo, 2020

The building is located at the Village Center in Da Nan Po. The architectural prototype of the building is a Yubei traditional vernacular...

Approach Architecture Studio

Hyundai Motor Studio

Beijing, 2017

Approach Architecture Studio, in collaboration with the American design firm 2X4, has completed the design of the Beijing Hyundai Motor C...

Approach Architecture Studio

Maogong Barn Art Center

Qiandongnan Region, 2015

The Maogong Barn Art Center is located in the Qiandongnan region of China, and the building is constructed using traditional building mat...

Approach Architecture Studio

Zen Center at Baoguo Temple

Ziyang, 2015

The Baoguo Temple Zen Center is located in a Buddhist temple in Ziyang, Sichuan, which can be traced back to the Sui Dynasty. The origina...

Approach Architecture Studio

Wuyong Useless Space

Beijing, 2014

The design of Wuyong Useless Space aims to echo the brand’s emphasis on natural and traditional qualities. The transformation from an ind...

Approach Architecture Studio

Students’ Lounge at Eurasia University

Shaanxi, 2013

The Eurasia University Lounge project aims to provide a new "living room" for four old student dormitories, which can serve as an informa...

Approach Architecture Studio

Silent Heroes Exhibition Space design

Beijing, 2012

Accompanied by the movie star Zhou Xun's childhood furniture being placed in an old factory building from the 1960s to 1970s in Dashilar,...

Approach Architecture Studio

Xi’an Glorious Plaza

Xi’an, 2014

The commercial area of Xi’an Glorious Plaza is located in the center surrounded by a group of hundred-meter high-rise residential buildin...

Approach Architecture Studio

Yangmeizhuxiejie Street

Beijing, 2012

The Yangmeizhu Xie Street project is the starting area of the Dashilar Urban Revitalization Project. In the transformation of this street...

Approach Architecture Studio

Approach Architecture Studio office at…

Beijing, 2010

The office of Approach Architecture Studio located in Sanjianfang is a renovated building from an abandoned warehouse. The primary purpos...

Approach Architecture Studio


Beijing, 2012

Dashila(b)-oratory is an open platform founded by Beijing Dashilar Investment Ltd. and Approach Architecture Studio. As opposed to the co...

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