LUO studio

Party and Public Service Center of Yuanheguan…


Project name: Party and Public Service Center of Yuanheguan Village Design firm: LUO studio ( Designers (architecture...

LUO studio

9.639 — An Inserted Variable Office


9.639 — An Inserted Variable Office LUO studio designed a micro office for a graphics printing company in Beijing, which merely occupies...

LUO studio

Shared Lady Beetle — A Micro Movable Library…


Shared Lady Beetle — A Micro Movable Library for Kids 1. Reflection on "Sharing" Though born from the good intention of resources conse...

LUO studio

Pergola in Luotuowan Village — Reuse of Wood…

Bao Ding, 2018

Pergola in Luotuowan Village — Reuse of Wood Waste from Renovated Old Village Houses 1. Wood waste remained from demolition and constr...




IOMA IOMA is an art center situated at 798 Art Zone, Beijing, which is a transformation project. Based on the concept of "symbiosis", th...

LUO studio

Temporary Site of Shengli Market — Creation of…

Puyang, 2019

Temporary Site of Shengli Market — Creation of Spatial Order The project is the temporary site of an old market, located in Puyang Ci...

WES LandschaftsArchitektur

Industrial Park Sports Center

Suzhou, 2017

The interplay of architecture and landscape architecture gives the Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Centre a unique design that is full of c...

Archi-Union Architects

Qiandao Lake Cable Car Station

Hangzhou, 2016

We decided to use the form of the mountain itself as a departure; from there we sought to go beyond that initial step and reach somethin...

Archi-Union Architects

Light of Internet World Internet Conference…

Wuzhen, 2019

The site is located in the northwest corner of the heart of Wuzhen. The entire site is surrounded by farm houses, tourism projects and th...

Archi-Union Architects

Tea House

Shanghai, 2011

The Tea House, located in the backyard of Archi-Union’s J-office, is constructed from the salvaged parts of the original warehouse’s coll...

Archi-Union Architects


Shanghai, 2010

Facing a three-span old factory built in the 1960s in the abandoned Fifth Chemical Fiber Plant, and trying to transform it into a creativ...

Archi-Union Architects

FAB-UNION SPACE on the West Bund

Shanghai, 2015

This project, which is intended to be an impressive space in the city. Although it is micro in scale, Fab-Union Space is powerful enough ...

Archi-Union Architects

Inkstone House OCT Linpan Cultural Center

Chengdu, 2018

Inkstone House OCT Linpan Cultural Center in Anren, Sichuan is located in the middle of the Linpan area of Anren Town, Dayi County, Cheng...

Archi-Union Architects

Chi She (Pond Society)

Shanghai, 2016

Chi She is an artistic group founded by ZHANG Peili, GENG Jiangyi, whose exhibition space in West Bund Art Exhibition Area characterizes ...

Archi-Union Architects

In -Bamboo

Chongzhou, 2017

The project we completed is a multi-functional rural community cultural center with provisions for exhibitions, hosting conferences, comm...

beyondtime architects

Nanliang workshop

beijing, 2019

As the wealth of the whole village, that nature rock is the feature of the village and also of this project. We will fully use it, and pr...

beyondtime architects

nanliang boutique inn

beijing, 2019

This is a refurbishment of boutique inn in the mountain village, with facinating natural scenery, and disrepaired farmhouse. There is no ...

beyondtime architects

Service Center of Peony Performance Park

Fuzhou, 2019

This design takes the historical script of Peony Pavilion drama as the background, meanwhile, considers the director’s demand for drama a...

Matteo Thun & Partners

Flagship concept Store, Restaurant and Bar,…

Shanghai, 2018

Designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez. The best of three worlds. What happens when German engineering meets Italian design and ...

WES LandschaftsArchitektur


Shanghai, 2018

The initial harbour facilities of Shanghai were located in the area of the new south bund at the Huang Pu River. Hence the south bund is ...

Vielmo Architekten

Int. Office Base, Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou, 2012

Ausbildung eines neuen Stadtteilzentrums mit einer Komposition markanter zeichenhafter Hochhäuser und einer raumbildender Sockelbebauung ...

hcreates interior design

Tourism New Zealand

Shanghai, 2019

Tourism New Zealand has opened its new light-filled space in Wheellock Square, Shanghai

hcreates interior design

Lunuers, 888 Huashan Lu

shan, 2019

Our latest project for one of Shanghai's best bakeries, Luneurs. This tree-lined spot in the former French Concession was destined for a ...

hcreates interior design

Oh Yeah! Brewing Beijing

Beijing, 2019

Beijing welcomes Oh Yeah Brewing to the fold with its new local brew on a grand scale. The city has always been the heart of the growing ...

hcreates interior design

Doc's Barbershop

Chengdu, 2019

The brief was to create a hiatus for the modern man that delivered a high-end, cut and shave barber experience with the addition of a bar...

DGJ Landscapes

Da Yao Wang Si Buddhist Temple

Anren, 2013

The Da Yao Wang Buddhist Temple is dedicated to the King Emperor Shennong, legendary known as the Herbs Emperor according to the traditio...

hcreates interior design

The Clinic

shanghai, 2017

Premium healthcare and access to rehabilitation services are growing trends in the China healthcare market. Collectively the clinic team ...

hcreates interior design


shanghai, 2018

Luneurs Boulanger + Glacier is situated in a busy little walking street in the Former French Concession, Shanghai. This French-run neighb...

hcreates interior design

Cobra Lily

shanghai , 2017

Cobra Lily is a Pan-Asian restaurant and bar located in Shanghai's popular Xintandi complex. Designed around a mysterious femme fatale, t...

hcreates interior design

New Zealand Central

shanghai, 2018

The Client wanted to design a space which delivered an authentic experience, that showcased New Zealand. The space needed to be function...

hcreates interior design

Gemma De Osteria

Shanghai, 2017

Located upstairs from a busy street, Osteria de Gemma is Italian restaurant crazy about pasta. A warm earthy color palette with natural f...

hcreates interior design


Shanghai, 2019

Zespri has relaunched and expanded its China headquarters in Shanghai. They took the opportunity to create a new aesthetic for the whole...


Campus Office, Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, 2021

The Campus Office is a two storey transparent building that engages within the field on the peripheral of the financial center of Shenzhe...


Aesop, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2012

Disolvement of spatial and functional hierarchies.


Aesop Installation, I.T Hysan One, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2011

Aesop Installation, I.T Hysan One, Hong Kong Lo-res. The installation is a collage of particles, forming a cluster, which from close are...

Atelier TeamMinus

Piazza & Art Space

Gujiaying, 2019

Sitting in the center of the Gujiaying horticulture village, the building features a piazza made of traditional tiles bending upwards, re...

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