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As a prestigious master in landscape design, “Rockery-Han” has a long history in Chinese tradition. Since Dao-Guang Dynasty (19th Century), four generations of landscape designer has inherent the original arts and craft. We have design, built, and repaired hundreds of classical landscape gardens in China.

As a professional practice of landscape architects, “Rockery-Han” is able to deal with designing and creating Rockery, GRC Rockwork, Civil Engineering, Verdurization, Parergon, and Planning. In particular, our designs are renown for the absolute originality and excellent quality. Rockery-Han also registered as an inherent of National Intangible Cultural Heritage in China.

As a Classical Honoured Brand, “Rockery-Han” accentuates in providing a poetic meaning to the technically proficient landscape project. Cultural reference and background figure largely in the value system of our design approach. We ensure to deliver original design and quality construction.

As a woking team, “Rockery-Han” proposes to develop and promote each employee’s personal ability and potential value. We pay particular attention to team-working spirit, perseverence, and sensitivity in operating the Chinese traditional landscape design projects.

At the end of Qing Dynasty (Daoguang Emperor Reign), the founder of “Rockery Han” grew up at a tea trader’s family in Suzhou. The family has bought “Xiuye Yuan (Garden of the Elegant Wild)” in Lingyan Shan (Hill of Spirited Rock) in Suzhou. As a result of the sporadic domination by local vernacular dwellings, the Rockery mountain landscape was almost collapsed, flower and trees were withering in dilapidation. Therefore, a craftsman was invited to restore the dilapidated garden state. Hengsheng Han has cultivated an enormous interest in the craftsmanship of landscape garden making. Fortunately, he received the education and training under the famous Shanshui (Mountain and Water - Landscape) Monk “JiGu”, staring his promising career in Chinese traditional landscape design and construction. After years of practice, his technique in rockery stacking art was paramount at the contemporary era, and adopted the famous title as ”Rockery Han (Shanshihan)”. His representative works include “Zizhi Yuan (Garden of Violet Ganoderma)”, “Taying Yuan (Garden of the Shadow of the Pagoda)”, “Yilao Yuan (Garden of Delight Nostalgia)”, etc. Until nowadays, there is a saying of “Nan Han Bei Zhang (Southern Han, Northern Zhang – which means that for the art of Chinese traditional landscape making, Rockery Han is the most famous in the south of China, while Zhang is the most prominent in the north of China)”.

In the year of 1896, the second generation of “Rockery Han”, Buben Han was born at Xiuye Yuan (Garden of Spirited Wild) in Suzhou. Later he was trained by his father to make landscape art. He used to construct many famous gardens, such as “Dawang Huayuan (Garden of the Great King)” and “Xiaowang Huayuan (Garden of the Little King)”, as well as restore “Zhuozheng Yuan (Garden of the Humble Administrator)” , “Wangshi Yuan (Garden of Trapped Lion)”, “Ou Yuan (Garden of Lotus Root)” in Suzhou and Yuyuan in Shanghai. At the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he was appointed as the expertise charger of landscape making in the Landscape Authority of Suzhou City.

In 1933, the third generation of “Rockery Han” was born at Shantang Street, Suzhou. He starts to make rockery art at the age of 13, and received the instructions by several expertises in landscape design and gardening art in China. Among the experts, there are Dunzhen Liu, Xingbo Wang, Congzhou Chen, Shoujuan Zhou that have personally taught Liangshun Han to improve rockery stacking techniques. He has restored the gardens of Zhuozheng Yuan, Liu Yuan, Lion’ Grove, Tiger Hill, Wangshi Yuan, Yi Yuan, Surging Waves Pavilion, Huanxiu Mountain Villa with his father. In Hangzhou, he has done Liuzhuang, Wangzhuang; Yuyuan in Shanghai; Dongjiao Garden and Jin Garden in Changzhou; Zhanyuan in Nanjing; Spounting Spring Garden in Jinan, inside which he has also restored the Daming Lake rockery, and solved environmental problems such as the lack of water in the old stream.

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