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Huangshan Mountain Village

Guangzhou, 2020

10 DESIGN Creates a New Gateway in Guangzhou 10 DESIGN has created a new iconic destination for Huabang Holdings right in the heart of the Pazhou ...
One Design Inc
Cixi, 2008

Cixi is located at the northeast part of Zhejiang Province. The urban space of the city appears in a low density and non-single-center mode, coveri...
Spinglass Architects
Taichung City, 2017

Apartment house
Spinglass Architects
Taichung City, 2017

Apartment house
Spinglass Architects
Kaohsiung, 2017

Apartment house
Anji, 2013 (abandoned)

This is a private retreat in a tea plantation with 6 rooms that share a living and kitchen. Spaces are organised with an array of curved brick wall...
Shanghai, 2014

This is a conversion of a former motorcycle factory warehouse in Shanghai into an office space for 200 people. The original 1980s warehouse structu...
Qian Dao Hu, 2018

When viewed from hotel rooms above, the bath house of Hotel Karen appears as an organic accumulation of things that conjoins with the surrounding e...
Shanghai, 2013

This is a renovation of a 1930s semi-detached garden house in the former French Concession of Shanghai. The first storey including the garden and p...
Qian Dao Hu, 2013

There are three curved enclosed rooms in this small holiday hut situated on a very small peninsula in a lake. One is a bedroom with a platform bed ...
BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
Shenzhen, 2018

The 96,000m2 office development for the state-owned Shenzhen Energy Company is designed to look and feel at home in the cultural, political and bus...
Studio Zhu-Pei
Beijing, 2007

Beijing Municipal Government has promised to the world that Beijing will present an Olympics which has the highest technological content in history...
Studio Zhu-Pei
Beijing, 2016

The project is located in the 798 Art District. The reconstruction of the project consists of three sloping roofed brick houses (previously for gal...
Studio Zhu-Pei
Ningbo, 2014

In the unconventional coordinate system, conventional things correspond to "very" functions in a "very" space. This design is based on a basic und...
Chengdu, 2018

Einszu33 can announce the opening of a brand-new flagship showroom in Chengdu, Mainland China. Gaggenau Chengdu boasts a brand exhibition and produ...
Interval Architects
Huailai, 2017

Massing and complex programming The project called for the design of a 15-classroom-kindergarten, an early education center and a dormitory for te...
AZL Atelier Zhanglei
Hangzhou, 2017

The Eshan Practice has been experiencing its fifth year since 2013, House Lei is the one with the longest construction. Located in Shanyinwu Villag...
Shanghai, 2016

WeWork Weihai Lu is nestled in a turn of the century brick building; a former opium factory and artist residence. This building is surrounded by an...
Shenzhen, 2017

Working on social projects helps us to explore designs with a humanistic approach. We hope that the spaces we design will engage their users, and b...
W2 Architects
Nanjing, 2018

Explore the reuse of the Chinese village into all people service mode.
Rocco Design Architects Limited
Shenzhen, 2013

The Cultural Complex of Baoan District is composed of three individual buildings - a library, a youth palace and a performing arts centre - that ec...
Rocco Design Architects Limited
Hong Kong, 2020

East Kowloon Cultural Centre is intended to become a hub for performance & community events across 5 different districts: Kwun Tong, Wong Tai S...
Rocco Design Architects Limited
Hong Kong, 2011

The central theme of “Door Always Open” is a driving philosophy for the design of the HKSAR Government Headquarters. The Project is conceived as an...
Rocco Design Architects Limited
Kunming, 2015

The generative concept of the museum is derived from the potent imagery of Yunnan’s famed local "stone forests", the dramatic geography of raw, pow...
Rocco Design Architects Limited
Hong Kong, 2016

The new campus design signifies a highly linked & connected institution. It looks into the compact urban condition of Hong Kong itself for dire...
Rocco Design Architects Limited
Shenzhen, 2017

The project is the master planning and comprehensive development of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) comprising five faculty buildin...
Shenzhen, 2017

The Urban Villages of Shenzhen comprise of a series of historic cores whose presence today is precarious at best. Surrounded by the rapid expansion...
COCC. and coherent AG
Shenzhen, 2018

The luxurious and colorful world of Royal Crown Derby porcelain is asking for a neutral yet exclusive stage to display their functional and decora...
Laboratorio Permanente
Hong Kong, 2015

How to convey into a shopping mall the vibration and vitality of the outside city? Looking back at the traditional commercial streets, the element ...
Laboratorio Permanente
Shanghai, 2015

In the heart of Shanghai French Concession, in an historical context made of embassy buildings and old gardens, a building of 50.000 sqm is the opp...
behet bondzio lin architekten GmbH & Co. KG
Taichung, 2010

Wohnhaus: Eingang, Foyer, Wohnzimmer, Küche, Esszimmer, Billiardraum, Meditationsraum, Arbeitszimmer, Gäste-WC, Schlafzimmer mit Bad, 3 Suiten, Sch...
behet bondzio lin architekten GmbH & Co. KG
Taipei, 2016

behet bondzio lin architekten GmbH & Co. KG
Taichung, 2016

Taichung City, 2019

The 1.7km long former railway line crossing downtown Taichung was an important catalyst for the development of the old city. The railway’s historic...
Jiangmen, 2018

Sergio Mannino Studio

In 2014 we received an invitation from Area 17, an architectural firm with offices in China. We were invited to bid on a large residential developm...
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