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Superimpose Architecture

Re-Veil Façade 

Superimpose designed an exhibition centre for Changzhi, a third-tier city in Shanxi Province of China. Under the prevailing economic and urban tran...

Superimpose Architecture

Re-Veil Interior 

Superimpose’s main design strategy for the ‘City Expo’ was to investigate the original distinctive elements of the factory and insert minimum archi...

Drawing Architecture Studio

798 Panoramic Mural  

Around 14.5 meters in width and 12.7 meters in height, the mural takes the 798 Art Zone as the representative to depict the status of today’s city ...

1moku co.

Shanghai Grand Theater 

Art Deco rooftop garden project The Shanghai Grand Theatre was built in 1928 as the first movie theater in the East side of the world. With its ar...

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Big Air in Beijing 

The XXIV Winter Olympics will take place in China in February 2022. The various sporting…


Double-Digit Growth 

Average annual price growth across 150 cities worldwide in the year to Q2 2021, according to a…


98 Front Street 

ODA’s thinking process, just like their design, is fractal by nature. ODA views cities as being…


White Square 

White Square is located at No.99 Yunxi road in the central area of Nanjing airport city. With the…