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Superimpose Architecture

Re-Veil Interior 

Superimpose’s main design strategy for the ‘City Expo’ was to investigate the original distinctive elements of the factory and insert minimum archi...

Parallect Design

Oneswear Chongqing IFC Jewelry Store 

People who experienced the war reflected on their own existence and produced a dystopian philosophy; while in the era of peace, we use the develope...

Parallect Design

Oneswear Shanghai Xintiandi Jewelry Store 

A Dream in the Garden As the brand's flagship store, the location of the store was chosen in the iconic Xintiandi shopping district in downtown ...

Parallect Design

Deep Sea Café 

The project is located in Binjiang Junyuan area, Zhangguanying Road, Panlong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Binjiang Junyuan is a former ...