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Xiachong Resorts Apartment Project 

本設計很好的詮釋了規劃、建築、景觀一體化的概念,三者融為一體,密不可分。景觀既是建築的立面,又是規劃裡面的有機組成部分,這樣將能有效的達到景觀面積的最大化,不同高度的垂直綠化,裙樓景觀和屋頂花園,構建大型的生態社區。 景觀語言現代簡約,注重平面構圖、綠化、鋪裝與景觀小品形成一氣呵成的流暢感,每...

Superimpose Architecture

Season Bridges 

Superimpose was invited for a competition to design 4 groups of bridges at a new urban development in Hangzhou. Superimpose won the competition by ...


Platinum Hotel 

This project is for the courtyard of the hotel which is near a park and an ecological zone. Space is mainly used for the wedding ceremony, on the o...

Parallect Design

Kalakal Tibetan Cuisine and Culture Center 

In the northwestern part of Yunnan Province, in the Hengduan Mountains, there is a mysterious and tranquil place called "Shangri-La". This place Lo...