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CU Office

Jumping City 

The new home for Urban Jumpers-future China’s urban life style. Jumping city, in accordance with existing urban socio-spatial structure and norm...

CM Design

Village In The City - Lane In The Village: 10.Creative Drink 

"10.Creative Drink"is an commercial shop renovation project after the "T.LOFT Concept Experience Museum" located in urban village at Futian Distric...

CU Office

Lihu Wan New City Master Plan 

According to the Wuxi City Master Plan's positioning as a sub-center of Wuhu Bay and the unparalleled scenery resources on the edge of Taihu Lake, ...

Superimpose Architecture

Community Mountain 

Superimpose was named as one of the finalist for three public community centers for the Qianjiang District in Hangzhou. The three projects together...