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Archi-Union Architects

Chi She (Pond Society) 

Chi She is an artistic group founded by ZHANG Peili, GENG Jiangyi, whose exhibition space in West Bund Art Exhibition Area characterizes an altitud...

Tanghua Architects & Associates

两塘书院 暨金石博物馆 

莞韶城位于韶关老城区的西南侧,以低冲击开发理念,保育原有的水库、鱼塘、山林、溪流、湿地等自然生态元素,建立韶关创新驱动平台。两塘书院是莞韶城“双塘印雪”文化景观重要组成部分。 项目位于广东省韶关市西郊天子岭山脚下。项目用地坐拥一片带状水域,背山面水,拥有180度...

CU Office

Lihu Wan New City Master Plan 

According to the Wuxi City Master Plan's positioning as a sub-center of Wuhu Bay and the unparalleled scenery resources on the edge of Taihu Lake, ...

Archi-Union Architects

Qiandao Lake Cable Car Station 

We decided to use the form of the mountain itself as a departure; from there we sought to go beyond that initial step and reach something more int...