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TANZO Space Design

Guan Zi Zai House 

Wang Daquan, Tanzo Space Design: Guan Zi Zai·Suburb House|Modernized Tradition Series "When Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva was practicing the profo...

Parallect Design

Renovation of Changshaling Primary School 

Changsha Ridge Primary School is located in Changsha Ridge, Chashan Town, Liling City, Hunan Province. There are two main school buildings, which a...

Parallect Design

Suzhou Bay Sports Park supporting building – LIM Café 

In the context of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the life of the new districts of Suzhou is differentiated by different industrial lay...


Paradise – Exhibition Design of ‘Selections from the Taikang Collection’ 

"The metropolis serves as a utopia for industrial society. It embraces technology. Every imagination and desire for the future can be realized here...