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Superimpose Architecture

Re-Veil Interior 

Superimpose’s main design strategy for the ‘City Expo’ was to investigate the original distinctive elements of the factory and insert minimum archi...

Superimpose Architecture

Re-Veil Façade 

Superimpose designed an exhibition centre for Changzhi, a third-tier city in Shanxi Province of China. Under the prevailing economic and urban tran...

CU Office

Landscape Planning for Ya an  

Xia Li Farm is located in Yucheng District, Yaan City of Sichuan Province. The project’s geographical site is benefited by its convenient transport...

Zhaoyang Architects


Sunyata Hotel Meili is a renovation and extension project. It’s renovated from Migratory Bird Inn. The hotel is located at Wunongding village of De...