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Superimpose Architecture

CO2 Pavilion 

Superimpose Architecture designed the CO2 Pavilion for the Beijing Design Week 2018 as an enclosed place for isolation and contemplation from urban...


Paradise – Exhibition Design of ‘Selections from the Taikang Collection’ 

"The metropolis serves as a utopia for industrial society. It embraces technology. Every imagination and desire for the future can be realized here...

TANZO Space Design

Guan Zi Zai House 

Wang Daquan, Tanzo Space Design: Guan Zi Zai·Suburb House|Modernized Tradition Series "When Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva was practicing the profo...

CU Office

Group of Yard House Maxiang 

Purpose: a new neighborhood of common life The project is located in Maxiang Village, Tangwang Town, Dongxiang Autonomous County, Gansu Province o...