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CU Office

Lihu Wan New City Master Plan 

According to the Wuxi City Master Plan's positioning as a sub-center of Wuhu Bay and the unparalleled scenery resources on the edge of Taihu Lake, ...

Studio 10

Spatial Design of Long Life Design: Thinking and Practice 2000‒2020 

In the era of "consumerism" we live in, in this fast-growing emerging metropolis, an exhibition called "Long Life Design" seems a bit inopportune y...

Parallect Design

Suzhou Bay Sports Park supporting building – LIM Café 

In the context of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the life of the new districts of Suzhou is differentiated by different industrial lay...

LUO studio

Shared Lady Beetle — A Micro Movable Library for Kids 

Shared Lady Beetle — A Micro Movable Library for Kids 1. Reflection on "Sharing" Though born from the good intention of resources conservation, g...