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Studio 10

Spatial Design of Long Life Design: Thinking and Practice 2000‒2020 

In the era of "consumerism" we live in, in this fast-growing emerging metropolis, an exhibition called "Long Life Design" seems a bit inopportune y...

Archi-Union Architects

Tea House 

The Tea House, located in the backyard of Archi-Union’s J-office, is constructed from the salvaged parts of the original warehouse’s collapsed roof...

1moku co.

Shanghai Grand Theater 

Art Deco rooftop garden project The Shanghai Grand Theatre was built in 1928 as the first movie theater in the East side of the world. With its ar...

Archi-Union Architects


Facing a three-span old factory built in the 1960s in the abandoned Fifth Chemical Fiber Plant, and trying to transform it into a creative industry...