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CU Office

GREE Flagship Store Wuhan 

For this project, we emphasize on a properly designed façade system which not only can be work of art but must contribute to safety, energy conserv...

Superimpose Architecture

Linked City 

Superimpose was approached as one of the four firms to tender for the masterplan design of the new Lvting Island Project in Hangzhou. The masterpla...

LUO studio

9.639 — An Inserted Variable Office 

9.639 — An Inserted Variable Office LUO studio designed a micro office for a graphics printing company in Beijing, which merely occupies 9.639 squ...

Parallect Design

Baimajian Recreation Bar 

Baimajian Lounge is located in Suzhou Baimajian Longchi Scenic Area. The scenic area covers an area of 7 square kilometers, and is the ecological "...