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Sergio Mannino Studio is a group of creative professionals with roots in the Italian design culture. The Studio is located in Brooklyn's progressive art community of DUMBO and it is specialized in retail design and interiors for several international companies such as Prada, Miu Miu, Vince Camuto, Jessica Simpson, Breil, Kensiegirl and several others.

Through our extensive network of partners and consultants, we can take a project from preliminary brainstorming through construction virtually anywhere. (We have recently completed projects in China, Italy, Canada, California, Texas, Hawaii, and New York.)


We seek to create *snap* moments. You know: those split-second epiphanies that serve to bring about a change in how one perceives the world.

We do not just design for these moments, we live for them -- moments of clarity that are often sparked by a song, a scent, a memory, a whisper of color, a ray of light moving through a pane of glass.

It is our goal, in every project, to create something that meets people where they are and then speaks to them in transcendental ways. When something we've created inspires a split-second **** -- we know we've done our job.

We hesitate to define ourselves -- and, really, who doesn't? It's limiting: putting parameters around what you can do tends only to create a fence that separates you from all the other possibilities.

We are a collection of young architects, interior designers, product designers, and creative thinkers who bring disparate ideas and materials together to create places and objects that delight, surprise, enlighten and inspire.

While our strongest experience currently lies in the fashion retail world, we believe that our ideas translate to any design challenge.


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