De Zhou Bao Lin Business Office Building

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5-20 Stories

This project is located in De Zhou Shandong with a covered area of 25,000 square meters. There is a certain degree of particularity with base such as 50 m height limit, high-rise block to its east, south and north and the close distance between the front and rear. The only favorable factor is that there is a relatively wide visual field to its west and a landscape park to its south-west. Aiming at better visual field and landscape building orientation, the turret and podium have to turn to some angles. Under the premise of not affecting the podium commercial value we make the visual field of the tower face to west and south-west where there is a best landscape. However, there appears an issue of tower sunshine from the west in the afternoon. To solve the problem, we cantilevered out triangular terrace around the standard square tower with the split-level layout. The upper terrace can provide a block from the sun for the lower office space. The terrace upper and lower can be linked with each other by the vertical greening, which not only promotes the office grades but also softens the two apex angles of the tower, reducing the unfavorable influence on the buildings around as largely as possible.

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