Niangou Terminal

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Collaboration with Embaixada

The intervention locates on the confluence of the Niyang river and the Yarluntzangbu river, a place which remained intact and of an overwhelming beauty. The wharf demanded installations for modernizing and expanding the existing capacities of the area that would provoke a substantial increase in built facilities and the human footprint over the landscape. The proposal is based upon the idea that it is mandatory to establish a contextual dialogue with the landscape scale of intervention. Therefore all the space requirements are organized under a downhill promenade, on a crescent complexity narrative, from the highest intervention level (3000m), the sightseeing platform, until reaching the lowest level river mark (2971m). This circulation structures and organizes all the occupation, giving it a hierarchic unity and defining all the inter spaces relations. All the platforms and inner spaces are defined from this structure. This way, each one of the spaces can find its own place in relationship with the landscape, inter-mediating the relation with the body.

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