Shanghai Houtan Park

The Turenscape Concept: Nature, man and spirits as one.

Earth (Tu), the center of the universe we perceived, the base of all lives, symbolizes the livings and the spirits of what we dwell. Receives and accumulates energy from the heaven, it nourishes those grow as well as those move. Our forefathers visualized the horizons of the land with the vertical Sacred Trees, the axis for the Sun to rise and fall and the ladders for the spirits to travel up and down. This is why our legendary exiled king Chong-er worshipped a handful of earth from the natives as a sign of prosperity of the society.

Man (Ren), claimed as the superior of lives, being favored too much yet not satisfied, cut the Sacred Trees, taste the Forbidden Fruits and destroy the Eden. We, Turen, but deliver the messages from the spirits of the land to waken our fellow dwellers, adapt the nature's Taos to cure the great suffers, and refer to the cultural context to enrich our deprived minds.

Turen (Earth-man/natives), therefore, act in the name of the Heaven (nature), and as the messengers of the spirits of our native forebears. Armed with modern technology, Turen observes the phenomenon up in the sky and the patterns down on the earth; follow the natural and social processes so that man, nature and the spirits can be understood as one and designed as one. This is the Turenscape Concept.

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