WAI Architecture Think Tank is an international studio practicing architecture, urbanism and architectural research founded in Brussels in 2008 by French architect, writer, and artist Nathalie Frankowski, and, Puerto Rican architect, writer and artist Cruz Garcia. Currently based in Beijing and Paris, WAI strives to make significant contributions to the collective intelligence of architecture, from the conception of intelligent buildings and masterplans to the production of innovative research projects, groundbreaking exhibitions and avant-garde publications.

WAI’s work, research and writings have been published in magazines and journals around the world including Pin-Up Magazine in New York and Berlin, MONU Magazine on Urbanism in Rotterdam, Conditions Magazine in Oslo, Mark Magazine and the Pop Up City in Amsterdam, Horizonte Magazine in Weimar, Domus Magazine and Studio Magazine in Milan, DPR-Barcelona in Barcelona, and On Site Journal in Alberta, among others.

Exhibitions include WAI’s solo shows in Beijing and San Juan, and group exhibitions in London, New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Beijing, Bratislava, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Helsinki, Oporto, Paris, Brussels and Dublin.

Recent architectural projects include the design of a 100-meter high museum tower in Tokyo, a Football School and Training Center in San Juan, a House-Atelier and a research center in Beijing and a mixed-use building in Amsterdam.

WAI is a Workshop for Architecture Intelligentsia. WAI asks What About It?

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