China Light and Textile City Fashion Center


After studying and practicing in France for many years, Linshou WU and Xiangying ZHAO moved to Shenzhen in 2011 and founded WAU Design Studio. Enriched by their experiences acquired in Europe, they start to question and interrogate the Chinese architectural industry in full expansion. As China already reveals predominance in the contemporary production of internationalized style of architecture, they will strive to explore a fundamental Chinese and contextualized architecture. WAU’s project intends to interpret questions of boundaries, enclosure, wall, sequence or interactions between men and space as concept to develop the design.

With no limits to scale and aspect of the project, WAU design addresses urban planning and landscape as much as architecture and interior design. WAU’s projects are published in magazines nationally and internationally such as World Architecture, Architectural Journal, Domus, etc. The work has been awarded and nominated by various organizers such as Chicago Athenaeum, A+, WA China, etc. WAU was also invited to international exhibitions like Saint-Etienne Biennale, BI-CITY Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, etc.

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