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Founded in 2016, the design works of Atelier tao+c ranging from a piece of pendant lamp to a compound development, from the interior of small urban apartments to the renovation of old rural houses, from shops on the street to a youth community. Parallel with the practical works, the office has involved with research and teaching, focus on subjects such as revival of old buildings and objects in domestic landscape.

Regardless a wide range of scales and programs, we tackle with careful investigations and research, tapping into a better understanding on typology. The design method is semi-architectural semi-interior, retreating to the inner world, allowing the space to grow from the inside and break through the perimeter, intermediating the inside and outside.

Our projects are executed with humble and ordinary materials but the precise detailing elevate the mundane. Employing simple and elementary forms, clear proportions and surprising sectional variations, to produce an exquisite sense of scale alongside the overall object as well as within the spaces. Carefully arranged the spatial choreography, work together to produce adaptable relationships between object and man, light and time.

The practice seeks to explore the beauty of everyday life, pick up the evocative clues, rediscovering values hidden in simplicity and allow life to unfold to us all its complexities.

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