Guiyang Huaxi Soho

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Time: 2008.07

Location: Guiyang, China

Client: Hualong Investment Group Ltd

Building area:15,500 m2

Our concept is mixing between SOHO, Commercial Art and Nature .

For the commercial, we use the natural slope to create a forest . This is a shopping forest . The perforations in the slab of the upper level imitates the passage of the light through the leafs of the trees . This allows us to illuminate the shopping area . Those perforations inside the shopping center are also green spaces, green boxes ; it ameliorates the shopping experience and makes you feel like if it was not only made to do shopping but also a promenade . This shopping area is destinated to the local art craftsmanship and the natural farm product . This area constitutes 40 % of the program . The rest is located in the upper floors . It concerns SOHO . Our SOHO idea is to create artists SOHO .We divided the program into 15 units . Each unit is a window of 2 sides : one looking outside, the other one turned on the inner space . The part oriented out is made to capture the natural landscape scenery, the mountains, the rice-paddies the green-belt and the other projects . The inner window is a show case for the artists where they can display, exhibit their production . The unit is not only a common place to work and live but it is also a place to see scenery . It is an Art-Living and Natural-Living box . Finally, on the top of all the units, you find an outdoor terrace used for outdoor spa . The roof top of the shopping plate is a sculpture garden integrating Art and Leisure.

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