Performing Art Center

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Time: 2008.08

Location: Sundsvall, Sweden

Client: Municipality of Sundsvall

Competition: International design competition

Award: honorable mention

Building area:10,420 m2

The black-boxes are the most efficient way to provide flexibility in such performing space .  

By arranging these black-boxes in a loose way, corner to corner, we create spaces in between : they can be used as walled gardens . In the summer time, the visitors can enjoy the outdoor space during the intervals of a play . 

In order to improved the sound quality of the theater, the entire building is surrounded by an enclosed belt, which acts as a noise barrier for the inside performing place . 

This belt is composed of two cofunctions, the upper floors are offices and the groundfloor is dedicated to circulation spaces for the different theater’s rooms . This is totally transparent, from the Piazza to the walled gardens, creating curiosity for visitors passing by.

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