The Earth Memorial

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Time: 2008.06

Location: Sichuan, China

Building area:10,492 m2

The Great Earth Memorial

——“New Horizon”

We designed the Great Earth Memorial to commemorate the earth, to express our reverence and sensation to earth which is the ultimate place of human resources. Since ancient times, in China's traditional culture, people are awe of nature. Reverence of nature shows the moral bottom line of a person or even a nation. Our behavior would be restrained on a certain degree when the hearts are full of faith and reverence. People, who hold reverence in life, would also love nature and the earth where we bored. Holding reverence in the earth, at meanwhile, is holding reverence in all species including ourselves. The nation has such ideas is noble and full of vitality.

After the Wenchuan earthquake, people began to regain the former reverence of nature gradually; and began to believe that there is an infinite force in the universe slowly. It is more important for human to be in harmony with nature, human should conform to the nature, should take what we got from nature as a sacred gift. Human should recognize that we would be punished again if we do not protect and respect nature.

After the earthquake, the humanism, humanity once again full of strength , which is formed in Chinese culture since the Zhou Dynasty more than 2000 years ago. Now it is injected modern consciousness, the modern spirit of reverence and cherishes the lives. We also demonstrate the "benevolent love," "people with cellular structures, We Are the World" in Chinese culture to people all over the world.

The Great Earth Memorial is established in such a turning point in history, which is embodied the power of man and nature, promote a harmonious order in the future. The Great Earth Memorial will be a milestone to return to the origin of the Chinese nation.

The performance of architect is in order to embody the "one party has difficulties, P Plus support" the essence, it gathers eight square blocks into a slight arch of the hemispheric body. The whole building is like  the power of the sun just rising from the horizon, but also seems the athletes who are ready to run at the starting line of, or staged seed. It shows that all the new force was born.

The uplift building is like a bridge consisted of numbers of shoulders from the side and it connects between the whole of society and people in the disaster area. We have collected all Chinese's strength, resistance the stress of large earthquakes, no matter what difficulties will be anti-past, will surely usher in a warm blue sky.

Memorial Hall has various functions as a display of the earth, education, and performing. Internal has different sizes of classrooms and theaters. Uplift of the architecture and the sinking Square constitute the concept of a semi-outdoor space speech, in this can be all kinds of large-scale activities and charity benefit. The biggest bright spot of this architect is at the bottom of the entire museum can be a large projection screen, to display sky, earth and other magnificent images during the performing.

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