The John Paul Ii Center

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Time: 2007.10

Location: Cracow, Poland

Client: Zarzad Centrum Jana Pawla II Krakowie (Board of John Paul II Centre in Krakow) UI.Kanonicza 18

Competition: International design competition

Award: first prize

The building sits softly on the landscape acting as one linear horizontal level. By this gesture a transparency occurs throughout the building in a visually and physically accessible condition. Views are presented rather than framed or

created. Placing the program below-grade there are no obstacles to interfere with the building’s communicative energy. 

The strategy for the creation was done by a gathering of the program. All the elements began to gravitate towards each other, which developed the final form of the building. This gather method shows a reverence for Pope John Paul II’s ability to bring people together.  

The initial movement upwards and into the building makes strong link with the site. As the visitor enters the reception hall the landscape is immediately visible. Progressing through the building reveals a continuously connected and separated spatial plan. On the second floor the permanent exhibition can be arranged by themes and also used as one room along with the temporary exhibition. Throughout the

building the visitor is constantly recognizing the presence of nature.  

Outside the luminance of the House of John Paul II does not end but rather continues through the placement of the Retreat Centre and Hotel Facilities. These elements further the impression of the long horizontal mark in the landscape created by the House of John Paul II. The entire complex is about the site and it embraces nature to allow for visitors, pilgrims, staff and neighbors to move harmonious about the site.  

Landscape spreads the memory of Pope John Paul II with public spaces of vivid activity and color. There location along the water allows for the conceptual fluidity and playfulness of the water the flow into the spaces. This landscape memorializes a story of a beautiful life with their enchanting colors and smooth lines that are of the natural process.

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