Zabel Park

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Time: 2009.01

Location: Dubai, UAE

Client: Dubai Municipality

Competition: International design competition

Building area:510,000 m2

A tall emblem structure with multiple symbolic meaning

It depends on from where do you look at it.

Above it: When you look at it from the airplane, it looks like a white sea star, a city like Dubai with the strong relationship with the sea, in the history, a fishing village, now a sea port and sea resort , sure it is a rising star from the Arabian Sea.

Under it: when you arrived at the structure, you see a huge tent above you, providing the shade for you in the middle of the park. All kind of out door event can be hold under this shaded area. Somehow this white tent reminds people the near past of the Dubai, a nation created by their ancestors who is born in the tent of Arab desert.

In front of it: When you look back from the high way, it looks like a space ship pointing at the sky. It implies how ambitious the city of Dubai is, the continuous development in the recent year, shows that this city will grow with tremendous speed, indeed it is “the sky the limit”.

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