Sunrise Plaza

Scenic Architecture

Before designing the building, we reorganized the circulation system around the site to improve the existing traffic situation, which was problematic for years to the surrounding residential area.

The building is shaped by an “S” volume to gain more south-north surfaces for natural light and ventilation on this east-west oriented site.  It gives two semi-enclosed exterior spaces to the project: the east courtyard offers efficient areas for the drop-off and lobby entry while the west courtyard stays on the third floor to provide a quiet outdoor garden for the tenants of the offices.  A linear staircase in the double-height lobby links these two courtyards vertically to create more opportunities for public activities.

The exterior wall is formed by the transparent sunshade curtain wall and the solid stone panels.  These two wall types transpose with each other at corners to reduce the solidity and heaviness of the building mass.  More taken as an urban gesture, this sculptural language expresses a friendly scale to the residential context while keeping the building’s own corporate identity.

Project Name: Sunrise Plaza

Location: Shanghai

Use: Office

GFA: 18,972 sqm

Design/Built: 2005.3 / 2007

Team: Zhu Xiaofeng, Xu Lei, Cai Jiangsi, Gao Zhenzhen, Li Qitong, Jing Bo, Shi 

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