HPP Architekten GmbH

Henkel Asia-Pacific and China Headquarters

Shanghai, 2007

In Pudong, Schanghais boomendem Wirtschaftszentrum am Ostufer des Flusses Huangpu, wurden im Sommer 2007 die China Headquarters der Hen...

Steven Holl Architects

Horizontal Skyscraper

Shenzhen, 2009

Hovering over a tropical garden, this ‘horizontal skyscraper’ – as long as the Empire State Building is tall - unites i...

gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

Dalian Twin Towers

Dalian, 2010

Die Twin Towers erreichen mit 53 oberirdischen Geschossen eine Höhe von über 240 Metern. Beide Türme, deren mittige Rücksprünge durch gro...


Haikou Tower

Hainan, 2015

Das Projekt der Haikou Towers soll zum Herzstück für den neuen Business District von Haikou, der Hauptstadt von Hainan, einer tropischen ...


Taiwan Glass QFG

Qingdao, 2013

Für ihren Hauptstandort auf dem chinesischen Festland hat Taiwans größte Glasmanufaktur, Taiwan Glass ein 4.100 qm großes Bürogebäude sow...


Taiwan Glass

Fujian, 2011

Für den neuen Firmensitz für Taiwans größten Glashersteller Taiwan Glass in Fujian (China), wurde ein 4.200 m² großes Bürogebäude, vom Ku...


China Life Insurance, Research and Development…

Peking, 2015

Tradition und Zukunft: Der Entwurf für das Research & Development Centre der China Life Insurance am grünen Stadtrand Pekings greift ...

schlaich bergermann partner

Dalian Twin Towers

Dalian, 2009

Das Gebäudeensemble der Dalian Commodity Place, einer Termin- und Warenbörse, besteht aus den 260 m hohen Zwillingstürmen und vorgelagert...

W2 Architects

Tao Hua Wu

Suzhou, 2009

This project, a renovation of abandoned workshops built in the 1950’s, forms an office community to serve creativity businesses. It...

W2 Architects

Golden Land Business Building


The façade of this office building encompasses pre-cast concrete integrated with windows dislocated in one module. This creates a shadow ...

W2 Architects

POD-Jiangsu Software Park

Nanjing, 2009

This building community is designed to serve companies of various scales. The planning process quotes the POD concept so that each buildi...

W2 Architects

Box Building-Art Gallery

Nanjing, 2004

The original accented relief is preserved. Four box-shaped blocks form the building that is slotted into the landscape.

W2 Architects

Zhongshan Office Park


The small scale Buildings for the self-support company to develop.

W2 Architects

Egg Tower


The three egg shaped tower, on the mountains of Ninghai near Ningbo city, tries to emulate the notion of nature and mountainous terrain a...


Kunshan Office

Kunshan, 2009

They dance, they move, leaving light to play his game of reflections and shadows. This project includes a set of offices and an hotel, pl...

TM Studio

TM Studio Office

Shanghai, 2003

Location: Guo Kuang Road, Shanghai Design: 10/2003 Construction: 10/2003 Architect: TONG Ming Floor area: 180...


Raffles City

Hangzhou, 2016

UNStudio’s mixed-use Raffles City development is located near the Qiantang River in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, loc...

Chang Bene Design

Offices for BDA China Ltd

Beijing, 2000

4,000sf headquarters for a telecom consultancy features transparent floor and translucent walls that reveal cables normally concealed in ...

GL Studio

Shenzhen  Special  Economic Zone (SEZ) Press…

Shenzhen, 1998

SEZ Press Tower is the headquarter building of the largest local newspaper . This 42-story (partially 47-story) tower proper is 168m high...

Approach Architecture Studio

Approach Architecture Studio Office Design

Beijing, 2006

The office is converted from a typical high-rise office tower unit. The limited space challenges lofty spatial concepts. In order to crea...


Beijing Logo

Beijing, 2006

Beijing Logo From the very first beginning the conceptual design of the project was substantially influenced by the econom...

Atelier Zhouling

The interior of the Alliance Francaise in…

Nanjing, 2004

The Alliance Francaise is located in a high-rise building in the centre of Nanjing. Under the pressure of the scanty space, we buil...

INCLS (One Design)

JD Tower

Shanghai, 2006

Building Type: Office Tower Design/Completion: 2004/2005 Total Floor Area: 20,000sqm Collaborating Of...


Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai, 2008

Atelier Z+

Xiayang Qianxi Business Centre

Qingpu, Shanghai, 2007

The Qianxi Business Centre is located in the new town area of Qingpu. The site is quite tight and small, occupying a prominent position w...

Vector Architects

7 Box + 1 - Holcim China Representative Office

Beijing, 2008

7 Boxes…: Workstations and Offices Seven scattered individual Office Glass Cubes not only define the different progr...


Mesh office

Dongsheng district, 2010

An office building project located in Ordos, China. This project is part of a large master planning project called Ordos 20*10, wit...

Atelier 100s+1

Oceanpic Digital Graphic Office

Beijing, 2004

Project Name: Oceanpic Digital Graphic Office Location: Beijing Structure: Lightweight...

Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

Hebei Education Publishing House

Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 2004

Building as a Miniature City Hebei Education Publishing House, Hebei, 2004 Yung Ho CHANG / Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

INCLS (One Design)

Shanghai LDV Building

Shanghai, 2006

Building Type: Office/Residence Complex Design/Completion: 2004/2006 Total Floor Area: 20,000sqm Coll...

Atelier Z+

Sino-French Centre

Tongji-University, Shanghai, 2006

Sino-French Centre of Tongji-University is located at the south-east corner of the campus, with 12.9 Building, the oldest existing buildi...

Atelier Zhouling

Xinghua Archives

Xinghua, 2004

With these buildings we want to create an artificial landscape at the edge of the city. The conception opens the side up to the nat...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

New World Central Mall

Wuxi, 2006

The business centre of the international textile and clothing market is located in the newly developed area of Wu Xi, an area in the city...

Approach Architecture Studio

Image Base Beijing (IBB)

Beijing, 2007

IBB is a redevelopment project converting an old industrial place to loft office spaces for creative industry. An art gallery and other u...


Chaowai Men

Beijing, 2006

Chaowai Men This building is located in downtown Beijing's Central Business District. The urban environment around the site i...

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

CCTV Television Station and Headquarters

Beijing, 2012

The CCTV headquarters aims at an alternative to the exhausted typology of the skyscraper. Instead of competing in the race for ultimate h...

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