Lemanarc SA

Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital

Xiamen, 2021

Completed in September 2021 with a construction surface of 96,000m2 and 600 numbers of beds, Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital brings a ...

Lemanarc SA

Nanjing Jiahe Maternity Hospital

Nanjing, 2018

This project is a high-end private maternity hospital. In terms of the functional layout, we adopt the same-floor efficient workstation m...

Lemanarc SA

The Second phase of the Shenzhen Hospital of…


The Second phase of the Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University is a modern U-shaped building that naturally expresses this iden...

Lemanarc SA

Sichuan Guangyuan Central Hospital

Guangyuan, 2019

Guangyuan, located in northern Sichuan in western China, is at the forefront of the country in exploring the integration of healthcare an...

Lemanarc SA

Nan‘an International Healing City

Na'an, 2017

With the development of medical knowledge and modern technology, the city will put forward higher requirements for hospitals. The hospita...

Lemanarc SA

Nanjing Pukou International Medical Center

Nanjing , 2019

In this huge-scale hospital project, a number of independently operated medical institutions share medical resources through the central ...

Lemanarc SA

Hudong Regional Medical Center


The Hudong Regional Medical Center, designed from 2019 to 2021, is located in Pudong, Shanghai, on the northeast side of Xigou Gang. With...

Lemanarc SA

Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital

Suzhou, 2020

Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital, located in Suzhou Industrial Park, covers a total area of 156,000 square meters, with a total planned constru...

CL3 Architects

H Zentre


Project name: H Zentre Project type: Commercial + Retail Interior design: CL3 Architects Limited ( Design team: Will...

Lemanarc SA

Nanjing Public Medical Center

Nanjing, 2016

Nanjing Public Medical Center, surrounded by hills, with one thousand and two hundreds’ beds, is located in the Qinglong Mountain, which ...

Lemanarc SA

Xiamen Humanity Hospital

Xiamen, 2018

The project is located in the southwest corner of Wuyuan Bay, which is adjacent to Wetland Park in the north and Lakeside Reservoir in th...

Lemanarc SA

Shanghai Oriental Hospital

Shanghai, 2018

This project located in the Lujiazui area of Pudong District is the reconstruction of Oriental Hospital project. After the expansion, the...

Lemanarc SA

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Nanjing, 2012

Nanjing is an ancient Chinese capital, a traditional city. It has also become a megalopolis, one of the most populated cities in the worl...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital Block E

Kowloon Tong, 2015

The Block E has 120 beds and comprise 4 storeys of wards, 3 storeys of hospital services/ specialty centre for accommodating operation/ t...


Sino Swedish Eco City

Wuxi, 2012

After an introduction by the Swedish Consul General in Shanghai in late 2009 Tengbom Stockholm won a commission to design 2.4 square kilo...

W2 Architects

Egg Tower


The three egg shaped tower, on the mountains of Ninghai near Ningbo city, tries to emulate the notion of nature and mountainous terrain a...

HWP Planungsgesellschaft

Lehrkrankenhaus der Medizinischen Fakultät…

Wuhan, 2012

Auftraggeber Huazhong Universität für Naturwissenschaften und Technik Standort Wuhan, China Zeitraum 2006 bis 2010 Nutzung Funktionsdi...

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