Lemanarc SA

Nanjing Jiahe Maternity Hospital

Nanjing, 2018

This project is a high-end private maternity hospital. In terms of the functional layout, we adopt the same-floor efficient workstation m...

Lemanarc SA

The Second phase of the Shenzhen Hospital of…


The Second phase of the Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University is a modern U-shaped building that naturally expresses this iden...

Lemanarc SA

Sichuan Guangyuan Central Hospital

Guangyuan, 2019

Guangyuan, located in northern Sichuan in western China, is at the forefront of the country in exploring the integration of healthcare an...

Lemanarc SA

Nan‘an International Healing City

Na'an, 2017

With the development of medical knowledge and modern technology, the city will put forward higher requirements for hospitals. The hospita...

Lemanarc SA

Jining Public Medical Center

Jining, 2020

The Jining Public Health Centre project is a regional infectious disease hospital established in Jining in the wake of the 2019 epidemic ...

hcreates interior design

The Clinic

Shanghai, 2017

Premium healthcare and access to rehabilitation services are growing trends in the China healthcare market. Collectively the clinic team ...

TM Studio

Laboratory building

Suzhou, 2004

Location: YueHu Road, Suzhou Design: 7/2003-9/2004 Architect: TONG Ming Site area: 20.000 m2 Floor area: 23.0...

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